03.Configure MediaLibrary 1.5.x Shop Settings Backend

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   In this article we will look at the various configuration options for MediaLibrary 1.5.x Shop Settings Backend.

Settings backend.

Go to the [Components] - [MediaLibrary] - [Settings Backend] page.

You can reach this page either through the top menu or through the horizontal menu bar.

 MediaLibary - Settings backend.


Set the options as you want them. The options are fairly self-explanatory. But if you need more information, you can hover with your mouse over the [i] at each option and it will show the tooltip for each option with a short explanation.

Review email

Who will receive Review notifications. Multiple addresses possible (separated by a comma)

Suggestions email

Who will receive Suggestions notifications. Multiple addresses possible (separated by a comma)

Lend Request email

Who will receive Lend Request notifications. Multiple addresses possible (separated by a comma)

Add media email

Who will receive notifications when new Media added. Multiple addresses possible (separated by a comma)

MediaID auto-increment

Whether or not to have the MediaID auto-increment.

The MediaID is meant for the internal administration identification of Media inside a library, next to the ISBN/ASIN. It can be set for example to hold a relevant purchase order, a location for the Media on the library shelves, an ID in a linked administration in another database, etc.).

If set to YES, MediaLibrary will increment the MediaID with each new entry (starting from the highest previous entry).

If set to NO, you will need to manually enter each MediaID at each new


Download covers

Whether or not to download the media covers to your local server

Location of downloaded covers

The folder on your server to store the downloaded Media covers in.

eMedia support

Whether or not to allow MediaLibrary to serve eMedia.

Location of eMedia

The folder on your server where the eMedia are stored.

Your Amazon Associate Tag

You can get an Amazon Associate tag from Amazon. This will allow you to earn credits if someone buys a Media from Amazon after coming there from your website.

Amazon AWSAccessKeyID

This is the developer key to access Amazon Web Services (AWS). This key is necessary in order to access the Amazon database through the extension. It has nothing to do with the Media credits above, its sole purpose is database access in order to download the Media details.

Amazon Secret Key

This key need for yours data encoding – you can take it from amazon.com. If you neot have so – please leave this field empty

Check duplicate ISBN/ASIN

Select if you want MediaLibrary to check if a Media with that ISBN/ASIN is already in your library database when entering new media.

Default language

This is the default language used when entering new media.

Default Host

This is the default host used when entering new media.

Prefix for SKU

This prefix for create Products in VirtueMart.

Category name for VirtueMart:

To this category will by default move all products from MediaLibrary

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