11.Submitting Lend Requests in MediaLibrary 1.5.x Shop.

    In this article we will take a look at the Lend Request submission from the frontend.

Submitting Lend Requests in MediaLibrary 1.5.x Shop.

When you have configured MediaLibrary to allow users of your website to submit Lend Requests for Media, the users can select Media for lending by choosing [Lend Request] either in the Category View or in the Media Details pages.

Category View.

In Category view a checkbox behind the Media means the Media is available, a red cross behind the Media means the Media is lent out and not available for selection.

When there is only 1 Media in a category and the Media is also lent out, the [Lend Request] button will not show.

Category View will allow the user to select multiple Media for a lend request with the checkboxes on the right, and then clicking [Lend Request].

When a user does not belong to a group that has rights to submit Lend Requests, then they will see a green checkmark instead of the checkbox.

 MediaLibrary - Category View


Lend Requests in Media Details View .

On the Media details page there is only 1 Media in sight and therefore only 1 Media available for the Lend Request.

If the Media is already lent out, there will NOT be a [Lend Request] button showing, and the Media Details page will show [Lent to:] and [Lent from-until:] information instead:

If the Media is not lent out, the user can request it by simply clicking [Lend Request].

Lend Request Form

When clicking [Lend Request] in either the category view or Media details view, the user will be presented with the following form:

 MediaLibrary - Lend Requests in Media Details View

To complete the Lend Request, the user needs to fill in their


email address

postal address

The two small buttons next to [Lent from] and [Media Return Date] will

open a calendar when clicked, to make it easier to select the dates. Click the small X on the top right of the calendar window to close it when you're done.

Once everything is filled in, the user clicks on the [Submit Lend Request] button on the bottom of the form.

A confirmation screen appears:

The text says: "Your Lend Request was stored in our database. We will check your request and inform you as soon as possible." Remark: You can find this text in the language file, where you can change it to you liking.

Lend Request Flow

If email notification was set in [Settings Backend] for Lend Requests, then the designated Library Manager will now receive a notification mail as well. The Library Manager then needs to approve the request in the Administration backend.

Once the lend request is approved, the user will receive an email confirmation stating that the request has been approved and that the Media are ready to be picked up at the library address.

Confirmation not send automatically to users – admin must self do email send or other notification.

The user's email address is clickable in admin LendRequestManager, so the admin can send reminders to the users easily from here.

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