How to export data from the CCK

Content Construction 
Kit for Joomla

Recently in our component became possible to import data from other sites that contain layouts CCK and today we will tell you how to properly export data for import into the CCK.

Important: All files must be in ZIP format!

  1. Сreate a new archive (which we import) and add to it files and folders that are in the folder: your_site/components/com_os_cck/files/

  2. All folders names of which starts with com_os_cck from the folder your_site/images/ archived in a separate archive which must be called Content Construction 
Kit for Joomla

  3. Add archive to the archive for import

  4. With the help of PhpMyAdmin export the tables whose name begins with yourprefix_os_cck. yourprefix - this is a random set of characters, which has been set when installing Joomla. Content Construction 
Kit for Joomla When you export tables, be sure to enable the "Add DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT / TRIGGER statement". Content Construction 
Kit for Joomla

  5. The resulting file is name a sqlcck.sql, replace it all prefixes "yourprefix_" to "#__" and add to the archive to import Content Construction 
Kit for Joomla

As a result, you should get a the archive which will contain:

  • file "index.html"
  • folder "audio"
  • folder "images"
  • folder "track"
  • folder "video"
  • archive ""
  • file "sqlcck.sql"
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