06. Frontend Category View in Vehicle manager

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In this article we will look at the frontend Category View of Vehicle manager.

Frontend Category View in Vehicle manager

Vehicle Manager 6_1


On the top you will see the Joomla pathway (breadcrumbs) reflecting where you are inside Vehicle manager. That part can also be used for easy navigation; the links are clickable (except for the current location).


Comes from the menu entry name you created for Vehicle Manager.

Category Description

The text "Our vehicle catalogue with cars for rent or sale" can be found and changed to your liking inside the language files (/components/com_vehicle manager/language/)

Vehicle Image

The image of the vehicle can be found in the directory

/components/com_vehiclemanager/images/. The file is called vehicle.png and can be replaced with a different image if you like, just call it vehicle.png and upload in that directory.

Categories & Subcategories

The categories created for your vehicles show here, together with the number of vehicles in them. If you have set Show Subcategory to YES in Settings Frontend, then subcategories are also shown.

Remember: Categories will only show up in the frontend if there are vehicles inside it and those vehicles are published!

Category folder icon

When Custom Category images is set to NO in Settings Frontend you will see these default folder icons in the categories. When you set that to YES, then each category will show the image here which you specify in the Category itself (through category edit in the backend)

The optimum size for category images is 48x48px.

Search Vehicles

This is a link to the Search form for Vehicle Manager

# Vehicle

This column show how much vehicle items contains in this category.

RSS icon

This icon-link to the RSS page.

Suggest Vehicle

This button will show up if Show button Suggest Vehicle is set to YES in Settings Frontend. It allows the user groups you specified in Settings Backend to enter vehicle suggestions for inclusion in your catalog.