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SEF Translate component support
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TOPIC: use as base url
azdora (User)
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Re:use as base url 4 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 0  
Hey man, i'm tired.....

"- user see page and not editor viewing... because now i'm not able to do this..."

sorry, what you mean ?

It means exatly this:after clik on "use as base URL" every user CANNOT SEE THE RIGHT PAGE, it see a page formatted 100% as appears on editor backend....it's clear now?

Now, i'm sure that you are joking me.....
I made a question, only one, this one:
what i have to do to set a page "as base url"

As usual no answer......
Maybe my english, next time i write all in italian, hoping bing or google translator maka a better job than me....
Without any support in 15 days my bing quota is full.... so i spend more money in google API (after spend money for changing hosting service, after spend money for buying sh404sef,- all for matching your TRUE REQUIREMENTS for doing not extra but only your promise aka features) and SEF Translate PRO Commercial became more, more expensive than GTranslate Enterprise. And SEF T, still not working good.

I spend a lot of money, and a lot of time. I dont wanna loose other time restarting another project.
So, man, start giving real support (SUPPORT IS DIFFERENT THAN ONLINE HELP), pls, not force me to ask my money back and write a bad review...

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