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Uncaught GTranslateException : Quota Exceeded (0 viewing) 
SEF Translate component support
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TOPIC: Uncaught GTranslateException : Quota Exceeded
adelbhy (Visitor)
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Uncaught GTranslateException : Quota Exceeded 7 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0  
Hi, sincine few days I have this error message on all my translated pages even those already in cahe :

Fatal error: Uncaught GTranslateException: [0]: Unable to perform Translation:Quota Exceeded. Please see code.google.com/apis/language/translate/overview.html thrown in /[...]/components/com_seftranslate/GTranslate.php on line 263

See example on :

Any idea about this issue.
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admin (Admin)
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Re:Uncaught GTranslateException : Quota Exceeded 7 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 73  
Hi Adel,

I am sorry but for now google only support payment version, for now they not support free translate.
Please check: http://code.google.com/apis/language/translate/v2/pricing.html

New translate for pages from cache - happenned every time when cache expire. Please check - cache time parameter for sef translate

We now ran new Version sef translate.
There are we speed 1 algorithm, added more good translate cache support.
New Pro version sef translate soft - support Google translate V2 and Bing translate API.
If google now work only as payment service. Bing has 2M signs free quota per month and 400k per day

requirement nou support PHP5 , SOAP, CURL.
We not support JoomlFish, and Joomla1.6/1.7 multi language plugin

For all old customer we -give 50% discount for all new versions

OrdaSoft team
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