Content Construction Kit news

March 2018

Content Construction Kit news, March 2018

We don't stop improving our Joomla extensions and now we updated OS CCK - powerful Content Construction Kit for Joomla!

Calendar and "Depended lists" already in OS CCK !

With each new version we expand the functionality and now with the help of OS CCK you can build absolutely any content: text, text area, category, number field, checkbox, radio button and select list, image, gallery, audio and video fields, URL, location, date/time, rating and others. So you can use OS CCK for creation business website, events, portfolio, blog, real estate, vehicle website, personal website, online store etc.

Classic - OS CCK Joomla template

Also we built on OS CCK the absolutely new CCK Classic template! There you will see the awesome creative design, rich CCK functionally, CCK calendar for events and other OrdaSoft Joomla extensions: Joomla Slider, Joomla Gallery, OS Simple Membership, OS Comments and Sharing and other. Moreover, you can buy the one CCK Classic template or buy an OS CCK extension and get a CCK Classic template for free! It's included in the package for downloading ;)