OrdaSoft Store Website Builder - Joomla CCK

Create your store website with Joomla CCK - store website builder!!!

We released a new version of Store Website builder - Jomla CCK. With help store website builder - Joomla CCK you can easy create a store! OrdaSoft Joomla CCK is fully adaptive and customized for your store. Added all necessary sections for convenient and comfortable use of your store. Please check what we added to OrdaSoft Store Website builder - Joomla CCK:

In new version of OrdaSoft Joomla CCk - store website builder you see:

1.Store website builder - Joomla CCK, Unlimited layouts of your products!

We have come a long way to add this, and now you can create an unlimited of layouts your product using Store website builder - Joomla CCK!!
As an example, you have a website for a plumbing store and you need to write all the characteristics of the goods, indicate information about the delivery options, information about stock availability, and indicate the manufacturer. After the update, the Store website builder will allow you to take into account all the details necessary for the description of the goods. And you create:

  • Category of your product.
  • Producr brand. You can specify different brands of your products.
  • Delivery. Specify delivery options for your customers
  • Product availability. The ability to display goods "in stock" or not
  • Product color. Provide color choices for your customers
  • Product material. Demonstrate what material your product is made of
  • And you have ability to create a price from several fields, for example, the price will consist of the main price of the goods and the ability to add a delivery price.

    Unlimited layouts of product with help store website builder - joomla cck

    Example Store website builder - Unlimited Layouts in the product description of the plumbing store

    2. Store website builder - Joomla CCK - create any type of filter for product search !!!!

    Setting up a filter for your interests! OrdaSoft Store Website Builder - Joomla CCK - will filter by any categories!
    Now you may create your own filter with categories you wish. No need to painfully spend time searching for a product, make the filter on your store’s website as convenient as possible, for quickly searching for the desired product
    In Store website builder - Joomla CCK we added not only possibility create any categories but also we give possibility to add radiobutton !!!

    Filter build with help Joomla CCK - store website builder

    3. Added new prices fields

    Added new fields for entering and displaying prices pricefield number, pracefield select list, pricefield radiobutton !!!
    Now you may play with price exactly as you need. Now you not only have new fields for price set, now you may add many price fields to one product. You may create Base price (main Price of product), You may add additional price for color or for size(or for some another features). Together with "Joomla CCK Access settings", you may create Tax or Discount to some "Joomla user group". So your product price may are calculate like: Base price + Price for red color + Price for additional service + % tax of state + % tax of country - discount for some user group.
    Meet: OS CCK - it is a SHOP !!!

    price list field, Store website builder - joomla cck

    4. Shopping Cart in Store website builder - Joomla CCK!

    We in Store website builder - Joomla CCK added Shopping cart with comfortable design. He has an intuitive icon, there is visibility an empty cart or a full one and upon entering the cart the buyer receives basic information about the product and price, also added a form for placing an order.

    shoping cart in Store website builder

    Example: Shoping cart wiht added product

    5. Cupons and Discounts

    We can`t not say about adding the main advantages for buyers - Coupons and Discounts. Now Joomla CCK - Store website builder added Coupons Manager and ability to display discounted goods or new items. In the coupon manager you have the opportunity to set a discount in value or percent. The Joomla CCK has thought out everything for your convenience! Make a profit with the Store website builder - Joomla CCK by arranging various promotions

    coupons_manager in Store website builder - Joomla CCK

    Example: Cupons Manager in admin panel:

    discounted_goods in Store website builder - Joomla CCK

    Example:Discounted goods and new items

    And many other possibilities gives you OrdaSoft Joomla CCK - website builder.