10 Reasons Why You Will Love
Ordasoft Drupal Blank Theme

When starting make Drupal theme we usually don't want to worry about some basic features, like responsiveness and сross-browser compatibility and want to devote themselves to the development of the unique design.

For such kind of people we've created new base theme Drupal Blank Theme. With our Drupal base theme theming can be much faster and easier. It is very minimalistic in design, but have main features that help you to create awesome and unique Drupal website. But at the same time the Ordasoft Drupal Blank Theme is not oversaturated with features, it is easy to use and lightweight. The main purpose of Ordasoft Drupal Blank Theme is to enable you to make your own custom themes fast, focusing on developing design.

So let's have a look on top-10 advanced features of Ordasoft Drupal Blank Theme.

1. Responsive design.

Ordasoft Drupal Blank Theme adapts to different screen sizes to provide a presentation that is fit to different kinds of devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.

2. Cross-browser compatibility

Your users will receive a positive, user-friendly experience no matter what browser they are using

3. Lot of pre-defined regions

With help of this grid you can implement almost all incredible ideas. Ordasoft Drupal Blank Theme handles appearing and disappearing regions with ease. For example, sidebars will only appear if you place a block in them. When one or both sidebars are empty, content area will automatically widen to fill the empty space.

4. Logo image settings (upload, width)

Upload logo easily using feature of Drupal Blank Theme. Insert path to custom logo or use uploader and set width of the logo.

5. Shortcut image settings (favicon)

Upload shortcut image of "favicon" and this image will be displayed in the address bar and bookmarks on most browsers.

6. Links settings (body, main menu, top menu, footer)

7. Social Icons

11 social networks are presented in Drupal Blank Theme - Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Dribbble, Vimeo, Instagram and VK.

8. Typography

Use one of 25 fonts to individualize your Drupal theme.

9. Body Pattern

Select one of proposed patterns - None, Stone, Lines, Rhombus, Noise or Cloth.

10. Copyright

Ordasoft Drupal Blank Theme gives developers an easy starting point and some basic features. We are sure that with our starter theme you will make unique first-class Drupal theme that could make your online business work better.

If you don't have time to create Drupal theme from a scratch you may choose one of our free and premium Drupal themes and customize them to your needs.

Download Drupal Blank Theme