Example of calculating commission from Ordasoft affiliate program

In Ordasoft affiliate program you have opportunity to get from 25% to 55% from sales referred from your affiliate links.

Commision 25% 35% 45% 55%
Confirmed sales
in unpaid commission
1 - 20 21 - 40 41 - 60 61 and

As table shows, when number of your affiliate sales is less than 20 you will get 25% from each sale.


9 our templates were sold from your affiliate link. The price of templates is $69. Thus

9 x 69 x 0.25 = 155.25.

Your commission is $155.25

If you don't withdraw money and sold more 13 templates (in sum 22), then the commission will be calculated in such a way

20 x 69 x 0.25 + 2 x 69 x 0.35 = 393.3.

So you get 25% for first 20 sold products and 35% for next 2 purchases. Your commission is $393.3.

When number of your affiliate sales increase to 40 items, you will get 45% from purchases. After 60 items sold the commission raises to 55%.

Note that payments aren't made automatically, we pay money by user request. This means that any time when you decide to receive your money and contact us through this form, we will send you your commission (if it is more than $100).

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