How to promote OrdaSoft templates and themes?

If you already registered in Ordasoft affiliate program, look through these simple but important tips of how to promote Ordasoft themes and templates. It may become significant source of income for those who are interested.

If you have your website or blog, these are the following ways to promote your products in it.

Create a collection of best themes

Collection is the set of hand-picked themes. By creating inspiring collections of products, you can attract buyers to purchase items right from the collections you create. But be sure to include a number of themes (with our themes on the top of list) in collection and add high-quality images to templates. Don't forget about keywords - it is important for presenting your collection in search engines. With a little of creativity and persistence you will be able to write awesome lists and engage potential buyers to get your extra affiliate commission.

Create a collection of best themes

Write reviews for favorite templates

To write good review you need to find out the main features of product or describe your experience with the product. Also you can tell about how to use product. If you describe these items you will make truly valuable review.

Place banners in right areas

In OrdaSoft affiliate panel you can find banners and ads of different sizes to place them on your website.

Studies have proven that the most successful ad positions are within the content (45% response), within the heading (27% response), within the left (8% response) and right (9% response).

Diagram of most successful ad positions

To know what pages "works well" on your website you have to test different positions and banners. But not to overwhelm page of website with million banners, use maximum three banners per page, because this can effect negatively on customer.

Promoting affiliate links on your blog has no limitations. Choose and create your own strategies and test them with results. Practice, innovate and invent new tricks to promote. Always remember to make them look as natural as possible.

But if you haven't you own blog you still can sell affiliate products. You should consider social ways of promotion: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Look at this way of promotion as recommending, rather than selling. You know the people and know what products can be useful for them. You should gain trust by promoting products that are genuinely helpful to people.

Start your affiliate marketing efforts with Ordasoft affiliate program, which can bring you from 25% to 55% of referred sales.