How to register a domain name for vehicle website

To start build your vehicle website you need, at first, to complete two steps: register domain name for your rental car website, sell car website or car dealer website and sign up with a web hosting plan. Why you need register domain name and hosting for your site? Domain name it is like name of your store and web hosting plan - it is like trade area in large store or supermarket. Without that elements you can not create website and you can not start business on-line.

We will use free hosting and register free domain name to show that is register a domain name and choose web hosting plan it is quickly and easy. It is only, for example, we recommend for your professional vehicle site do not use free services.

7 reasons why free hosting is not suitable for professional vehicle (bus, car, truck) website:

  • 1. Distrust of you as the owner of an Internet business.
  • 2. Long the domain name.
  • 3. You are not the owner of the vehicle website on a free hosting.
  • 4. Every free hosting has its own restrictions on host files on its server.
  • 5. Every free hosting has limitations provides disk space.
  • 6. Every rental car website, sell car website, car dealer website hosted on a free hosting has restrictions on traffic.
  • 7. Every car, truck, bus, motor site hosted on a free hosting shows with advertisement of free hosting

Let's start - at first, we need to choose hosting, we will use Byethost. Byethost is a free hosting and to demonstrate how to register a domain name for vehicle website with it, will be easy and fast. For your professional vehicle (bus, car, truck) site we recommend Hostgator or Godaddy - hostings with great opportunities and potential. That hostings offers the web’s widest selection of domain names, plus a user-friendly Website Builder, affordable hosting, security tools and more. The main stages of registering are the same as in the paid and as in the free.

You can also use a Ordasoft hosting service, that included: cPanel with hundreds of features for create and manage your site, Service Manager, SSL certificate, Dedicated technical assistance and support.

Think of your ideal domain name. It will be written between "www." on the one hand and ".com", ".net" or ".org" on the other, in fact, it will be your name on Internet. For free host your address will be instead of

  • Before start register register a domain name and sign up with a web hosting plan compare prices in different services: prices vary, some services provide a discount on their index promoted.
  • Buy only what you actually need. Hosting providers offers a package of services for the design, marketing and SEO. These services can be useful, they can be purchased, but it is completely optional.

If you are completely satisfied with the available domain name, it's time to register. Enter your domain name, for example Cars, email address, password and register it.

how to register a domain name

After registration you will receive activation link on email to activate your account. Follow the link and you will get access to your site and and you will can see domain name in bar of the browser. You will receive access to FTP (it's such a protocol, the main purpose of which is to transfer files), you will get access to MySQL - is a database management system (will be needed for the your site and vehicle website template in future) and cPanel (hosting control panel). Also you will get Disk space, Traffic, Add-on Domains and others other necessary elements for proper operation of the site.

web hosting plan

Now you have your own domain name and your own website. Now it empty and How to choose design for your car, truck, bus, motor, bike website using vehicle template and how to Install vehicle website template and get full vehicle website we will explain in next articles.

vehicle website

Note, that using free hosting it is great idea for tutorials (fast and simple) or small private projects. If you plan to create a full-fledged resource, it should be remembered that the "miser pays twice" and, as practice shows, placing the project on a free hosting, you quickly run into the need to transfer it to a paid hosting.

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