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Joomla Blank Template 5.0

Free Joomla template

We have been waiting for this for a year and now it's time to present you our great update! Meet the new version of Free Joomla template Joomla Blank Template 5.0!

During this year we have collected a lot of interesting features and we were having to add it in our Joomla Base template. So let's look at what has changed in OS Base template! The new update, which gives you more freedom in customization the template. Now you can in addition to the existing features:

  1. Separately for Body, Header, Content, Footer you can:
    • Change the background color, and use images as a background
    • Change the color of links on the page and change color when you hover
    • Change the font and color of the text on the page
    • Change the font, color for headings (h1 - h6)
    joomla_free_template_custom_change joomla_free_template_custom_change joomla_free_template_custom_change

  2. Now you can customize the menu. You can change:
    • - The background color of the main menu
    • - The background color of the submenu
    • - The font-family and font-color of the menu
    • - The font color of the menu when you hover

  3. A separate tab in settings designed to change the button style. You can change:
    • - Background-color
    • - Font (Font-color, Font-family, Font-size, Line-height, Font-weight, Text-transform, Text-shads)
    • - Box (Padding-top, Padding-right, Padding-bottom, Padding-left, Box-shadow, Offset-x, Offset-y, Blur, Spread)
    • - Border (Border-radius, Border-width, Border-color, Border-style)

  4. Added OS Comments and Sharing - Joomla social share module (free)
  5. Update Free Joomla Slider for latest version
  6. Update OS Image Gallery for latest version
  7. Update Custom pages (Our History, About Us, Our Services)
  8. Added OS CCK - Content Construction Kit for Joomla
  9. And that is not all. In this template you have the opportunity to choose from ten possible preloader of your choice, which will be shown until the page is fully loaded. joomla_free_template_custom_change

    Just try our Free Joomla template and you'll see how easy you can create with it the awesome business website, online store, portfolio and all that you'll wish! Enjoy working with it, follow us and be the first who use the best OrdaSoft templates and extensions!