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Joomla CCK Library Features

Quickly create any websites under Joomla.

We continue to add new possibilities to make work with Joomla CCK more functional.

What we added?

  • - Joomla CCK Library
  • - Joomla CCK Templates
  • - Custom Joomla CCK import/export

Joomla CCK Library

joomla cck library

Joomla CCK Library - a set of the most often used web forms, which help you to create your site quickly. We create a lot of forms which are needed in 99% of websites. Please check OrdaSoft Joomla CCK Library there you may see all forms which now we added to CCK Library. Please check how to create new module In Joomla CCK - use layouts which you imported with CCK Library

Joomla CCK Templates Library

joomla cck templates library

Joomla CCK Templates Library - a set of joomla cck templates created with the help of OrdaSoft Joomla CCK

Every CCK Template - is a set of layouts - connected to fully ready website. With blog, shop, products, ads, forms, cart form, contact form, testimonials, statistics etc. There you will have everything to create your site quickly. Please check How to import template in OrdaSoft Joomla CCK Library. Also because this template created with the help of Joomla CCK - you easily can add your features.

With this feature, users can easily import templates from other sources or even create their own templates using the built-in editor. This makes it easy for users to customize their Joomla websites to their exact specifications without having to rely on pre-made templates.

With a new update of Joomla CCK we added a possibility to import an entire library or any Ordasoft Joomla template. For now, there are more then 16 template that you can easily import just in one click.

Custom Joomla CCK import/export

Custom Joomla CCK import/export - possibility of all layouts and data which you created on first website move to other website.

Also if you buy Ordasoft Joomla CCK, you get an access to all Joomla CCK Pro features. Don't miss the chance!

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