Meet Car Rental Software - Vehicle Manager, with Joomla 4 support

Powerful car rental software for Build a car website of a new generation!

Car rental software - vehicle Manager

If you want find powerfull car rental software or if you want build a car website with a lot of cars rent and sell features - meet our updated version of Car Rental Software - Vehicle Manager! OrdaSoft developer team prepeared Vehicle Manager for Joomla 4 alfa support! create car rental website of a new generation!

Joomla 4 alfa support

Build a car website of a new generation with new possibilities of Car rental software - Vehicle Manager and support Joomla 4 Alfa.

New RSS layouts

new rss layouts in car rental software - vehicle manager

Vehicle Manager - free car rental software with Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows clients, who subscribed to your car website, get access updates in a standardized, computer-readable format. New RSS Layout in Car Rental Software is Even better than it was.

Added new version of the TCPDF

new pdf layout in car rental software - vehicle manager

In updated Car rental software we have added a new version TCPDF library. Buy a license and get access to the latest version quickly!

New PDF and Print view layouts

new print layout in car rental software - vehicle manager

Also in Vehicle manager - car rental software now is available new view of PDF and Print Layouts, that helps print you reports.

Save Buy Request and Rent Request datas if captcha incorrect

Even if captcha incorrect the datas of Buy Request and Rent Request was saved and you don`t loose your datas. Vehicle Manager - software for rent a cars allows save all your orders!

Saving all your data after the upgrade

With new update of version rent a car software you don't have to be afraid of losing your data. Vehicle manager Save old cities, regions, countries settings after update and also save old makers and models settings.

Added Stripe Payment gateway support

For build most functional car website in new version of Car rental software intagrate Stripe Payment gateway support

Speed optimization

New version of the car rental software is developed in such a way as to optimize the speed your website and your car rental website will always work fast!!

Activation Car rental software

With our activation, you will be the first to receive the latest updates of our car rental software. About activation you may read in article - Product activation of OrdaSoft