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We are glad to present you a new version of SEF Translate - translation extension for Joomla. With the help of this component you can use Google Translate API and Bing API for auto translate your website. We've added support Falang Joomla Extension. Now these two extensions can work complements each other without conflicts. You can use the Joomla Falang extension to manually translate your content, at the same time SEF Translate - joomla language switcher module will translate your site in automatic mode. This is very convenient, since the manual translation of all your articles into all languages ​​will take a lot of time and resources and will hardly be justified. At the same time, automatic translation can not boast of a 100% correct translation, although it should be noted that automatic translation with the help of API services such as Google and Bing is being improved every day.

Settings for Joomla translation extension Google API Bing API

For example, if you use a Falang extension for manual translation from English to Dutch and want to use SEF Translate for automatic translation into Chinese and German, you need to add the required languages to our component, excluding Dutch. After that, the Chinese and German flag will appear on the joomla language switcher of our extension (when you click on flag button, content will be translated automatically) and Dutch flag (when you click on flag button will be displayed manually translated content with help Falang extension).

And more:

  1. Translation in automatic mode. Our extension supports three methods of translation.
  2. SEO Friendly. SEF Translate - translation module for Joomla is great friends with the search engines and translates not only content, also sitemap and URL
  3. Nice-looking language bar in SEF Translate with 3 styles of translation module, 5 positions, 2 types of flags, 5 sizes of flags