OS CCK new version

Completely New Version is Here

OS CCK new version

We are constantly improving our products for you, our beloved customers, so that you, in turn will improve your websites for your customers. And today we are glad to present you a new version of our Content Construction Kit for Joomla!
There we have added a lot of useful chips that will help you make a unique website and highlight your business among others. So let's get acquainted with them right now:

1. Support Joomla 3.9.x

2. Added Animate CSS in responsive OS CCK

3. Added ability to display rating as a number

4. Added the ability to display fields from a column in a line

5. Output condition added to fields

6. For Developers: Added possibility set PHP conditions for show fields

7. Added User Instances Layout, There you may see items from some user

8. Added multi-currency output

9. Added category binding to entity

10. Added default image for image field and gallery field

11. Added hover effect for fields in Style setting

12. Added Image show type cover/contain for imagefield

13. Added the ability to send a copy of the letter to the owner of the instance in mail field

14. Added new cover tags for textfield

15. Added alignment for fields