Image Joomla Gallery 3.0

Completely New Version is Here

new version, Joomla Gallery

We present the new updated version of Image Joomla Gallery. We took into account your comments and wishes and added the most meeting requests. Now our Joomla Gallery has even more functions!

1. We added HTML support in Image Joomla Gallery

Now Image Joomla Gallery has become truly multi-functional. You can upload to your website not only pictures, change effects and layouts, but also embed HTML code. You can insert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, insert pages of the site in the Iframe, and do everything that HTML and CSS allow.

This option is available in "IMAGE OPTIONS" -> field "Html Code:"

support html in image joomla gallery
example support video html and css in responsive joomla gallery

2. Sharing and Download buttons in Image Joomla Gallery 3.0

Now your users will be able to share images on your website with their friends and also download images to the computer. In Joomla Gallery, an option is available that allows you to show the Sharing button and the image download button on the image.

"Gallery Settings" -> tab "SOCIAL BUTTONS":

sharing social network image Joomla Gallery
example sharing button image Joomla Gallery

"Gallery Settings" -> tab "General" -> Enable Download button: YES:

example download button Joomla Gallery