OS Touch Slider Changelist

Current Version: 5.0.0

OS Touch Slider 5.0.0

  • Update Swiper Slider API
  • Speed Optimization
  • Fix errors
  • OS Touch Slider 3.5.0

  • Change CCS styles
  • Fix errors
  • OS Touch Slider 3.4.0

  • Adding possibility create link to whole image
  • Fix errors
  • OS Touch Slider 3.3.7

  • Adding empty image
  • Filling empty image by color background
  • Added image filter
  • OS Touch Slider 3.1

  • Added Hover Animation
  • Added Permanent Animation
  • Added Text Shadow
  • OS Touch Slider 3.0

  • Added Import/Export
  • OS Touch Slider 2. 5

  • Added animation for HTML
  • Added copy text and insert it with all styles
  • Added copy image and insert it with all styles
  • Added replacement of images with preservation existing styles
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • OS Touch Slider 1.0.2

  • Prevented slider selection
  • OS Touch Slider 1.1.0 from 2016.08.25

  • Add px/% for both Width and Height
  • Changed behavior of JS effect
  • Fixed several effect bugs
  • Added text ordering
  • Added Parallax effect
  • Fixed bug with button Save as copy
  • Added auto height
  • Fixed bug with Save and Copy when position and slider params aren't saved
  • Fixed bug of deleting text when another text on another image has deleted too
  • Fixed bug script with creating new slider in admin area
  • Fixed bug of two sliders with effect
  • OS Touch Slider 1.0.2 from 2016.07.26

  • Prevented slider selection
  • OS Touch Slider 1.0.1 from 2016.07.23

  • Fixed CSS bugs
  • Encoded HTML data for security reasons
  • Fixed button for disabling pagination
  • Fixed Z-index

    The old version of OS Touch Slider can't be updated to new OS Touch Slider 1.0, as it has different data structure. New OS Touch Slider can be updated to the next version without problems.
    Still we recommend you to make the backup of your website (files, images, folders and database). At first please check upgrade/update process at the test website.

    * Only if you have valid subscription on Joomla Slider. The members of Developer Club can download it from Home -> Downloads. Please log in first.