Spring discount from OrdaSoft company

Spring discount on Ordasoft product

Spring is a time of new plans and hopes! These three months are designed for inspiration, new beginnings and a great mood. To greeting this special time, We glad to offer 20% discount on everything OrdaSoft product* including Joomla Templates and Joomla Extensions, Wordpress and Drupal themes. The promotion is valid from 7 - 13 March, 2020.

With love OrdaSoft team!

Coupon Code on 20%: SPRING20

P.S. Especially, within our promotions, you will have an opportunity to get 20%+10% extra discount=30%!!. When you share this good news to your friends! Send links, how you shared our promotion, on our contact form and receive an additional discount!

*On the tariff plan - site + hosting discount 15%+5%.