Vehicle Manager v.3.9

Wishlist, Google Map fix and more features

Release of Vehicle Manager v.3.9

The latest version of Vehicle manager - car rental software includes a range new features and fixes, namely Wishlist, layouts for search results, Google Map fix and more. All new features and options are described below:

1. Added Wishlist

Wishlist in Vehicle Manager automotive extension is collections of vehicles that users like. Users add products to a list connected to their profile when clicking on the star in the top left corner of the vehicle's image. The list is saved on the site so the customer can refer back to it later. To remove vehicle from the wishlist it's necessary to click again on the star.
It's possible to disable Wishlist feature in Settings of Vehicle Manager.

Added Wishlist in Vehicle Manager

2. Added ability to Hide Contact Agent/Rent tab

Now the tab for contacting with agent or booking vehicle (depending on vehicle's purpose: for rent or sale) can be disabled from Settings of Vehicle Manager.

Added ability to Hide Contact Agent/Rent tab in car rent and sale website software

03. Added Google API key field

"This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details" - this error is connected with Google Maps Geocoding API usage.

Since recently Google has changed its Google Maps Geocoding API and now all applications require authentication - a special key that allows you to monitor your application's API usage in the Google API Console, enables access to free daily quota, and ensures that Google can contact you about your application if necessary. See how to Get a Key/Authentication here.
We've modified Vehicle Manager and Location Map module for Vehicle Manager to be compatible with Google Maps Geocoding API and created a field where the key can be inserted.

Added Google API key field in vehicle management software for Joomla

4. Added layouts for search results

Now you can choose between Default (Grid) and List layouts for search results page. This can be set in Params while creating the menu item for Search in Vehicle Manager. In Settings of Vehicle Manager you can either show or hide map on the search results page, show or hide order.

Added layouts for search results in car dealer management software for Joomla

Added options for search results car dealer management software for Joomla

5. Location map module - added API key field

Location map module for Vehicle Manager is also changed to display map without errors.

Please note:

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If you have already bought extension and want to get the new version, contact us and we'll send you a 50% discount coupon on the Vehicle Manager v.3.9.

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If you have custom changes of component, you can lose your changes. Please, in that case do not make update or contact us and we'll help you with update.

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