17. Using the Vehicles Manager in Vehicle Manager

In this article we will take a closer look at the Vehicle Manager and see how an administrator can use that interface to Publish, Unpublish, Rent or Return Vehicles.

In the Admin backend, go to Components > Vehicle manager > Vehicles. From the Vehicles Manager you can select one or multiple vehicles (checkmarks in front of the titles) and then apply actions to them with the icons in the top bar.

Vehicle manager: Vehicles
  1. Publish. Publish selected Vehicles. When the vehicle published in front of its name is a green check mark.
  2. Unpublish. Unpublish selected Vehicles. When the vehicle published in front of its name is a red cross.
  3. Rent vehicle. When you click on this button opens new page, that shown below.
  4. Vehicle manager: Vehicles

    Rent to: Just select the user from the dropdown box
    User: Fill in username
    e-mail: Fill in user email
    Rent until: Select the return date by clicking on the button (will show a calendar pop-up)
    When you have filled in the details, click the [Rent vehicle] button in the top bar.

  5. Return vehicle from rent. When required return vehicle from rent click the Return Vehicle from rent button, than select vehicle and click Return Vehicle from rent yet.
  6. Vehicle manager: Vehicles
  7. Edit rent. On this page you can change the vehicle data.
  8. New. Create a new Vehicle entry.
  9. Delete. Deletes the selected vehicles.
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