Options of Joomla responsive Touch Slider.

In the configuration panel there are four tabs: Images, General, Advanced and Animation. Let's have a look on best joomla slider options of OS Touch Slider.

General menu best Joomla slider

joomla slider

General options of OS Touch Slider include:

Title Description
Pixels or percentage Pixels or percentage for width and height
Width Joomla slideshow width in px or percents
Height Joomla slideshow height in px or percents
Crop image Crop, resize or leave image original
Slider direction Horizontal or vertical joomla slideshow direction
Initial joomla slide Index number of initial joomla slider
Autoplay Delay between transitions in ms. If this parameter is not specified, auto play will be disabled
Autoplay stops on last Enable this parameter and autoplay will be stopped when it reaches last joomla slider (has no effect in loop mode)
Autoplay interactions Set to No and autoplay will not be disabled after user interactions (swipes), it will be restarted every time after interaction
Speed Duration of transition between joomla slider (in ms)
Prev/Next arrows Shows arrows
Export Makes the upload of the joomla slider
Import Makes the loading of the joomla slider
Attention! Before do Export or Import the joomla slideshow, make a copy of the database, because if there are not only one joomla responsive slider on the site, save only the one you are in is unloaded, the other joomla sliders will be deleted.
 joomla responsive slideshow

Advanced menu best Joomla slider

In Advanced Options (available only in PRO versions) you can set:

joomla responsive slider
Title Description
Joomla slides per view Number of images in row per joomla slider
Joomla slides per column Number of images in column per joomla slider
Column fill Defines how joomla slideshow should fill rows, by column or by row
Joomla slides per group Set numbers of slides to define and enable group joomla sliding
Centered slides Enables auto-centering of joomla slider
Pagination Joomla slider shows pagination
Pagination type String with type of pagination. Choose between "bullets", "fraction" and "progress"
Pagination clickable If Yes then clicking on pagination button will cause transition to appropriate joomla slider. Only for bullets pagination type
Scrollbar Shows scrollbar
Keyboard control Set to Yes to enable navigation through joomla slider using keyboard right and left (for horizontal mode), top and borrom (for vertical mode) keyboard arrows
Mousewheel control Set to Yes to enable navigation through joomla slider using mouse wheel
Mousewheel on edges Set to Yes and joomla slider will release mousewheel event and allow page scrolling when joomla slideshow is on edge positions (in the beginning or in the end)
Free mode If Yes then joomla slider will not have fixed positions
Loop Set to Yes to enable continuous loop mode
Lazy loading Set to Yes to enable images lazy loading
Reset settings Resets setting to default
 responsive slideshow

Animation menu best Joomla slider

In Animation Options you are able to create any custom transition effect using special tool:

joomla responsive slider

On this tab, with help the Speed you can adjust how long the joomla slideshow will show.

With the help of Animation you can customize various special effects that you can see when the picture shows.

Check out OS Touch Slider effects:

Fade, Cube, Parallax, Pulse, Super Flip, Bounce + Swing, Flip + Pulse, Fade in Right + Tada, Shake + Rotate Out, Slide in Up + Hinge, Slide in Down + Bounce, Custom Transition Effect.

Also on the panel there is a Save button. This button is common for all options and can be used on any tab. When you click the Save button, the joomla slider disappears.

joomla responsive slider joomla responsive slider

The best joomla slider can be used to view photos, for the purpose of informing and also advertising campaigns.Modern trends in the world are such that you need to try to rationally use the information component and beautiful design, so we combined these qualities in the slider. After all, now when searching the Internet for various products, users pay attention not only to the qualities that can be used at the moment but also how these qualities can be used in the future, which means that all software products must meet all the latest technical requirements. One of the most interesting solutions was the use of sliders. It is through them that you can clearly, briefly and visually show the most important information that the user will receive on the site. Some users will say that the slider seems to be an extra adornment and a means of "loading" the site, but with competent development it will be a huge plus. Joomla slider is constantly updated, which allows you to use it and install it without any difficulties. How to install OS Touch Slider you can see at this link. There is a detailed description with pictures of how to install joomla responsive slider.

Also on our site there are instructions what additional features are in the joomla slider for example how to insert the video that you shot yourself or maybe take a video from youtube with your favorite singer or a screensaver from a famous film. You can easily do this if you go to the How to embed YouTube video in OS Touch Slider page.

Also we have technical support if you have any problems with installation or update, as well as questions on using the best joomla slider you can always contact the forum with your problem and our specialists will always answer you. At the forum there are many topics and questions that used to arise from other users of the slider and maybe you can find the answer to your question. If you not find an answer to your question, write to us and we will gladly answer you.

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