8. Submitting Book Reviews in Book Library, eBooks store software

In this article we will see the interface users have for submitting book reviews in Book Library, software for eBooks collection and store.

In the website frontend (providing you have allowed it in the configuration), users can submit their own reviews of the books in your Book Library, eBooks store software by clicking the Add Review button. On the book details page, they are then presented with the following form:

Form for submission reviews in Book Library, book collection software
Form for submission reviews in Book Library, eBooks store software

Form for submission reviews. Screenshot is made from Classic Book Library template

  1. Title
    Title for the user's book review.
  2. Comment
    The user's text for the book review.
  3. Rating
    The user's rating of the book. Rating is required in order to save the review!
    The CAPTCHA will only show for Guest users. If you specified Guest users are allowed to enter reviews at all of course in [Settings Frontend]. If the user enters a wrong CAPTCHA, the review is preserved through the session cookie of the user, so the user can try again without losing the typed review. Maximum 3 tries. See the article about BookLibrary CAPTCHA and session save path in the Manuals section for explanation.
  5. Save
    Saves the review. It will immediately show in the frontend.
  6. Hide Review
    Hides the Add Review form on the book details page.

When done, click Save to submit the review.

Review sorting: Currently the User Submitted Book Reviews are sorted by date of entry in eBooks store software. If you should desire a different sorting method, there is hack described in the Support Forums for achieving sorting by Review Title Or Review Text first word.

In the next article you will know how to manage submitted reviews.

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