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Name Plugin sh404SEF Advertisement Board Free

sh404SEF plugin for Advertisement Board

This extension file for sh404SEF (sh404SEF native plugin) enables generation of Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs for Advertisement Board component

Creating advertising and ads on your Joomla site, it's very simple with Advertisement Board software. You can manage and maintain a advertisement board, ads cataloges, and public ads board and advertising on your Joomla site, it is  comfortable. User will can connect to self advertisement some files and images.

Free software Advertisement Board has a large number of settings that will make advertising and ads on your site better and more efficient.

sh404SEF plugin for Advertisement Board automatically generated URLs are composed from Advertisement Board advertising and ads


  • Now you have very nice SEF URL's for Advertisement Board in the frontend.  
  • Next, in the sh404SEF control panel, go to the [By Component] tab   
  • Now using FTP or similar, drop the file com_advertisementboard.php into that sef_ext directory 
  • In the folder /components/com_advertisementboard create a subfolder sef_ext, like this: /components/com_advertisementboard/sef_ext

Released under the GNU/GPL.

Sergey Drughinin; Andrey Kvasnevskiy (OrdaSoft), September 2009.

Download free software plugins and modules for Advertisement board:
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