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Advertisement Board Link plugin 2.2


Make link in on your site it's comfy and effectively.

Advertisement Board Link plugin  allows you to insert a link to a Advertisement Board advertising and ads in Advertisement board component into site page content.

Advertisement board it's a new component for Joomla, created by  OrdaSoft. Free software for creating advertising and ads on your Joomla site, it's simple with Advertisement Board.

You can manage and maintain a advertisement board, ads cataloges, and public ads board and advertising on your Joomla site, it is very comfortable. User will can connect to self advertisement some files and images.

Useful use Link plugin for Advertisement board

Example usage:
[advertisementboard id=2]
(Replace the square brackets by curly brackets)

OrdaSoft - Sergey Drughinin; Andrey Kvasnevskiy, September 2009


Released under the GNU/GPL.

Download free software plugins and modules for Advertisement board:
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