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NameBook Library New books module 2.2

Book Library New Books module 2.2

New Books module 2.2 free for download Book Library software for all Joomla versions

Free software New Books module based on Book Library component for all Joomla versions. Module to display the New books from Book Library component. it's comfy, you can see, what new books were added in Book Library. In this module version you have the following additions and options:

  • Added sh404SEFcompatibility to the book titles
  • Show Vertical/Horizontal
  • Show/Hide Covers
  • Show/Hide Description
  • Show/Hide Author
  • Set Cover Height
  • Choose how many books to display in the list
  • Choose sorting by added/edited

New Books module for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 is a free software for download and released under the GPL licence.

If you find problems or bugs in the module, please contact us and describe the problem in our Forum

Download Free Joomla extensions for Book Library 2.2

Book Library Basic component 2.2

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Book Library Basic 2.2 for all Joomla versions is free software for download and released under the GPL licence
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