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TOPIC: Weight Loss For Healthy Life & Fitness
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Weight Loss For Healthy Life & Fitness 3 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0  
We're going to get started with that in just a minute again ask everyone just to turn off their bikes for a second why do the introduction to the clash so a little bit about me and John Eric your her plea teacher for this our and I’m an American teacher from New York Peggy Knapp Lisbon Portugal to bring youths clash here are three quick rules to help you participate don't forget to turn off 2 p.m. and open up that means turn off
Absolute Garcinia your microphone when you’re not speaking said that we keep the classroom is quite as possible rule to is 22 need to do what you learn and use them actively the clash rule 3 open up dear classmates relax the bug we're all here to learn and this is a safe in respectable place to practice your English okay so that's enough about me I wannaknow that a bit about you know by name is backwards would be fixed may be part of a second there we go health you could see my name alright so let's just say hello to so welcome back match welcome back Adela and let's say a quick hello to Sergio hello Sergio how are you turn your mica for second Sergio hello it know how are you bank years I'm alright Sergio either you have a new picture or I don't know you could which is it cut I don't recognize your picture so is this your first time yes.

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