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TOPIC: import/export csv
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import/export csv 4 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 0  
I'll head over to the wishlist part of this forum to wish that I could include the catid and it would understand it.. so that I only have to have one file, not one for each category.

I'd also like the importer to at least see if there's any info that's different in a record before rejecting it out of hand.. In case I want to update the info that's already there. I have to delete a vehicle and then re-import it to change details in bulk...

If the importer didn't make me delete the first row of column names, I wouldn't have to have a million extra pipes.. it could put the data from the correct field into the correct field, and not be limited to how any columns over it was.. then I wouldn't have to keep column names I don't use in the csv, it would have just the columns I need and I could put them in any order.

And pipe delimited might work well in some cases, but having to change my computer to use it seems odd.. you could just as easily scan for a pipe or a comma delimiter.

The importer needs a little more work.

The csv export could stand to have the column names included as well... It would be a big help...

I also wish for instructions on the site on how to edit an xml file without knowing xml coding, and the instructions for the csv import/export.
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Re:import/export csv 4 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 61  

there are all very simply.

For check import/export in vehicle manager - you do export for one or two vehicles - and check result file format.

So for import you use exactly format

OrdaSoft team
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