Happy Friday - 70% Joomla discount
on AURORA template

This Friday Portfolio Joomla template is chosen to be discounted. We propose this high-quality template with incredible discount 70%.Only today you can get modern Joomla template only for $12. Be creative & unique with OS Aurora.

 Aurora 70% Joomla discount

Catch the moment and tell friends - from now Friday is really the best day :)

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Don't miss the chance to get Ordasoft template with 70% discount, it is great opportunity to save your money.


Happy Friday - 70% discount
on one random template

We all love Black Friday for its fabulous discounts and offers, but why can't we make every Friday the same profitable and exciting? In Ordasoft we can :)

We are glad to announce that from now every Friday we propose one of our high-quality templates with incredible discount 70%. The discounted template will be chosen randomly from all Ordasoft templates.
70% discount will be valid only on Friday. Catch the moment and tell friends - from now Friday is really the best day :)

We will mark the discounted template with this label

Don't miss the chance to get Ordasoft template with 70% discount, it is great opportunity to save your money.


Example of calculating commission from Ordasoft affiliate program

In Ordasoft affiliate program you have opportunity to get from 25% to 55% from sales referred from your affiliate links.

Commision 25% 35% 45% 55%
Confirmed sales
in unpaid commission
1 - 20 21 - 40 41 - 60 61 and

As table shows, when number of your affiliate sales is less than 20 you will get 25% from each sale.


9 our templates were sold from your affiliate link. The price of templates is $69. Thus

9 x 69 x 0.25 = 155.25.

Your commission is $155.25

If you don't withdraw money and sold more 13 templates (in sum 22), then the commission will be calculated in such a way

20 x 69 x 0.25 + 2 x 69 x 0.35 = 393.3.

So you get 25% for first 20 sold products and 35% for next 2 purchases. Your commission is $393.3.

When number of your affiliate sales increase to 40 items, you will get 45% from purchases. After 60 items sold the commission raises to 55%.

Note that payments aren't made automatically, we pay money by user request. This means that any time when you decide to receive your money and contact us through this form, we will send you your commission (if it is more than $100).

Other useful articles:

How to manage affiliate program
How to succeed in affiliate marketing

Here Comes Spring

20% discount on everything

Here comes spring - 20% discount on everything - 2014 Ordasoft

May spring bring you peace and prosperous new beginning, dreams fulfilled and hope awakening,
faith in everything and blossoming blessing.

We have a great news for you! Today our 50-th Joomla template was released. For the last month our club members got 4 new templates. Join Ordasoft Joomla template club now at a discounted price - 20% off. For this you have to use coupon code SPRINGTIME. Also get ALL our extensions and templates with 20% discount.
That's the real opportunity to make beautiful website with Ordasoft at a lower cost.

Coupon is valid only ONE week from March 12 to March 19 (2014).

Best Regards, Ordasoft team


How to succeed
in affiliate marketing

Six tips to maximize the revenue

Below you will find six tips about how to be successful with your affiliate marketing efforts. Following these rules can help you get the maximum return on the time you spend.

  • First of all, you need to choose your market. The common mistake of many affiliate beginners is that they try to register in all possible programs and advertise everything. Much better is focusing on a specific niche market. Successful promotion requires the knowledge of the advertised area, so you should choose the market you are familiar with and direct all your efforts on it.

    Choose your market to succeed in affiliate marketing

  • One of the most important rules is to pick the right product. Very often mates choose a product which is popular and try to promote it. This method will not guarantee that you will succeed in affiliate marketing because you don't know to whom to advertise it. By selecting more targeted product, you can find more targeted audience and increase the impact of your work. Moreover, competition is lower and more likely that you will be able to succeed promoting this product.

    Pick the right product to succeed in affiliate marketing

  • Write good recommendations. Customers don’t want to just see ads. They want to know why you are recommending products and you need to convince them why they NEED the products. Make the product promotion natural and not a big sales pitch.

    Write good recommendations to succeed in affiliate marketing

  • Test everything and test regularly. Try to use a combination of banners and text links to find what works best on your site and for your customers. Change different placements for banners and see which converts better. For this purpose you can use Google Analytics to measure conversion rates.

    Test everything and test regularly to succeed in affiliate marketing

  • Focus on building traffic to your site. Work on your SEO so your site ranks organically in search engines. Then try a PPC campaign and have your ads linking to relevant content on your site. Just be careful of Trademark policies of the merchants that you’re an affiliate of. Many companies will not allow you to bid on their brand names, so make sure you read through the affiliate agreements carefully.

    Build traffic to your site to succeed in affiliate marketing

  • Don't give up. Affiliate marketing takes time to grow, so don’t expect the sales to come overnight. As with any other business venture, you have to put in an effort in order to reap the rewards. While you can find many “get rich quick” programs online stating that all you have to do is become an affiliate and you’ll be an instant millionaire, they always have a catch. But by following the above tips and working hard at it, you can be very successful at affiliate marketing.

    Don't give up to succeed in affiliate marketing

    By following these six principles you should be able to maximize the amount of money that you can earn from your online affiliate marketing. Remember to keep realistic earnings expectations about your affiliate commissions, and do not be discouraged if you do not succeed at making money right away.

    So now you can easily use this tips to OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM


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