Choosing a best web design for your vehicle website

The fastest and easiest way to create vehicle website is to take an opportunity of pre-made web templates on the basis of which you will create an attractive vehicle (car, truck, bus) website. When you start searching for vehicle website templates, you will come upon many web page designs. But you need only best web design, we recommend you to review vehicle website templates provided by OrdaSoft. It offers only best web design for your vehicle website and all vehicle templates based on Vehicle Management Software - professional tool for rent and buy vehicles.

OrdaSoft Car and Vehicle Templates correspond to the main web standards and concentrate on the customers' core requirements both in terms of usability and information. OrdaSoft provides templates for any vehicle website: motorcycle websites, car dealer websites, sell car websites, rental car websites and so on... Have a look at vehicle templates:

Auto Dealership - vehicle template for car dealer website

Auto Dealership is a vehicle website template for car dealership website from OrdaSoft. Auto Dealership includes Vehicle Management Software, with help of it, you as a dealer can manager and offer your vehicles. It's a great choice if you are looking best web design for your site. You need only install Quick Start Package and get car dealer website.

vehicle template for car dealer website

Yamoto - joomla motorcycle template for motorcycle website

Yamoto is a joomla motorcycle template for creating motorcycle websites from OrdaSoft. Yamoto includes Vehicle Software and Quickstart package, with help Quickstart package installation you will get the same site like on demo. Yamoto is a very nice and easy for customization vehicle website template.

joomla motorcycle template

Motor Homes - vehicle template for sell car website and rental car website

Motor Homes is a vehicle template for sell car website and rental car website. Motor Homes is a stylish and exquisite vehicle website template for your vehicle website. OS MotorHomes Joomla template includes Quickstart package with famous 5-minutes installation process and Vehicle rental software.

vehicle template for sell car website and rental car website

Pedaling - bike and bicycle website template for bicycle website and cycling website

Pedaling is a vehicle website template for bicycle website and cycling website from OrdaSoft team. With Vehicle Management Software it is easy to manage bike pages, add new vehicle items from frontend (from site), send rent and buying requests and many more. Do you want to create cycling websites or bicycle websites? Choose best web design for your website, install Pedaling Joomla template and start your bicycle business online.

bike Joomla template

Hard Trucks - vehicle website template for truck and transportation sites

Hard Trucks is a vehicle template for truck sites and transportation website. Buying Hard Trucks you will get full Quickstart package with template, Vehicle manager component PRO 3.0, required modules and sample data. With Vehicle Software you will have a powerful Front-End and Back-End Panels to manage your truck website.

vehicle template for truck website

Why you should choose OrdaSoft vehicle website templates for vehicle website creation?

OrdaSoft vehicle templates include best web design for your vehicle website and professional features:

  • Quick Start Package with demo content
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Awesome Google Fonts
  • Changeable Body Color and Pattern
  • Logo Uploader, Width and Height
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Techniques
  • Fast and Lightweight

OrdaSoft provides professional vehicle website templates to get you started with your new vehicle website. You need only register a domain name for vehicle website, sign up with a web hosting plan, choose one of the OrdaSoft vehicle templates and install it. How to Install vehicle website template and get complete auto dealer website or any other vehicle website we will explain in next article.

Check out our Vehicle website templates


What's new in OrdaSoft?

We passed the twelfth part of year 2015 and we are ready to present the results of January.

Joomla VirtueMart templates

Our collection of Joomla templates replenished with one new free template with integrated VirtueMart 3 - Shoe Store (for apparel and accessories webshops), also we updated two of the most popular eCommerce templates of Ordasoft - EcoFood (beautiful template for eco-friendly food store) and ToolStore (for industry and building sector).

WordPress themes

Also for all who likes WordPress themes we can propose four new themes Gourmet, Fashion Cast, Erudite and Luxury.

Book Library Update

Also, during January, new important features were developed of Book Library Joomla extension.

  • 1. Added possibility to set multifile (several files) to one book
  • 2. Added support of all most popular formats (EPUB, PDF, FB2, MOBI, TXT, ZIP, RAR and more)
Read in more details in article Book Library Update - version 3.1

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How to promote OrdaSoft templates and themes?

If you already registered in Ordasoft affiliate program, look through these simple but important tips of how to promote Ordasoft themes and templates. It may become significant source of income for those who are interested.

If you have your website or blog, these are the following ways to promote your products in it.

Create a collection of best themes

Collection is the set of hand-picked themes. By creating inspiring collections of products, you can attract buyers to purchase items right from the collections you create. But be sure to include a number of themes (with our themes on the top of list) in collection and add high-quality images to templates. Don't forget about keywords - it is important for presenting your collection in search engines. With a little of creativity and persistence you will be able to write awesome lists and engage potential buyers to get your extra affiliate commission.

Create a collection of best themes

Write reviews for favorite templates

To write good review you need to find out the main features of product or describe your experience with the product. Also you can tell about how to use product. If you describe these items you will make truly valuable review.

Place banners in right areas

In OrdaSoft affiliate panel you can find banners and ads of different sizes to place them on your website.

Studies have proven that the most successful ad positions are within the content (45% response), within the heading (27% response), within the left (8% response) and right (9% response).

Diagram of most successful ad positions

To know what pages "works well" on your website you have to test different positions and banners. But not to overwhelm page of website with million banners, use maximum three banners per page, because this can effect negatively on customer.

Promoting affiliate links on your blog has no limitations. Choose and create your own strategies and test them with results. Practice, innovate and invent new tricks to promote. Always remember to make them look as natural as possible.

But if you haven't you own blog you still can sell affiliate products. You should consider social ways of promotion: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Look at this way of promotion as recommending, rather than selling. You know the people and know what products can be useful for them. You should gain trust by promoting products that are genuinely helpful to people.

Start your affiliate marketing efforts with Ordasoft affiliate program, which can bring you from 25% to 55% of referred sales.


How to register a domain name for vehicle website

To start build your vehicle website you need, at first, to complete two steps: register domain name for your rental car website, sell car website or car dealer website and sign up with a web hosting plan. Why you need register domain name and hosting for your site? Domain name it is like name of your store and web hosting plan - it is like trade area in large store or supermarket. Without that elements you can not create website and you can not start business on-line.

We will use free hosting and register free domain name to show that is register a domain name and choose web hosting plan it is quickly and easy. It is only, for example, we recommend for your professional vehicle site do not use free services.

7 reasons why free hosting is not suitable for professional vehicle (bus, car, truck) website:

  • 1. Distrust of you as the owner of an Internet business.
  • 2. Long the domain name.
  • 3. You are not the owner of the vehicle website on a free hosting.
  • 4. Every free hosting has its own restrictions on host files on its server.
  • 5. Every free hosting has limitations provides disk space.
  • 6. Every rental car website, sell car website, car dealer website hosted on a free hosting has restrictions on traffic.
  • 7. Every car, truck, bus, motor site hosted on a free hosting shows with advertisement of free hosting

Let's start - at first, we need to choose hosting, we will use Byethost. Byethost is a free hosting and to demonstrate how to register a domain name for vehicle website with it, will be easy and fast. For your professional vehicle (bus, car, truck) site we recommend Hostgator or Godaddy - hostings with great opportunities and potential. That hostings offers the web’s widest selection of domain names, plus a user-friendly Website Builder, affordable hosting, security tools and more. The main stages of registering are the same as in the paid and as in the free.

Think of your ideal domain name. It will be written between "www." on the one hand and ".com", ".net" or ".org" on the other, in fact, it will be your name on Internet. For free host your address will be instead of

  • Before start register register a domain name and sign up with a web hosting plan compare prices in different services: prices vary, some services provide a discount on their index promoted.
  • Buy only what you actually need. Hosting providers offers a package of services for the design, marketing and SEO. These services can be useful, they can be purchased, but it is completely optional.

If you are completely satisfied with the available domain name, it's time to register. Enter your domain name, for example Cars, email address, password and register it.

how to register a domain name

After registration you will receive activation link on email to activate your account. Follow the link and you will get access to your site and and you will can see domain name in bar of the browser. You will receive access to FTP (it's such a protocol, the main purpose of which is to transfer files), you will get access to MySQL - is a database management system (will be needed for the your site and vehicle website template in future) and cPanel (hosting control panel). Also you will get Disk space, Traffic, Add-on Domains and others other necessary elements for proper operation of the site.

web hosting plan

Now you have your own domain name and your own website. Now it empty and How to choose design for your car, truck, bus, motor, bike website using vehicle template and how to Install vehicle website template and get full vehicle website we will explain in next articles.

vehicle website

Note, that using free hosting it is great idea for tutorials (fast and simple) or small private projects. If you plan to create a full-fledged resource, it should be remembered that the "miser pays twice" and, as practice shows, placing the project on a free hosting, you quickly run into the need to transfer it to a paid hosting.

Check out OrdaSoft tutorial How to register a domain name for vehicle website


Best Responsive Drupal themes 2014 from OrdaSoft

We launched Drupal development in 2014 and from that time a lot of work was done. And 10+ beautiful Drupal designs are ready to suit all your needs. All of these Drupal themes have responsive layouts and include great features like Bootstrap framework, social integration, lot of regions and more.

Responsive Drupal Themes listed below can be used for any type of website: business, corporate, portfolio, products, marketing, etc. You are surely create a stunning website with amazing layout and design using these Drupal 7 responsive themes.

1. Credo - Drupal Multipurpose Business Theme

OS Credo is modern and responsive Drupal business theme. This responsive Drupal theme is great choice for creative agencies, small firms and businesses. If you want to present your business in the best way on the web, try OS Credo. This Drupal template is full of animation, cool effects and has attractive, eye-catching design. Nice and bright buttons will capture the attention of your visitors and turn them into customers. Check the demo version to see all features of OS Credo.

Credo - Drupal Multipurpose Business Theme

2. Serenity - Drupal 7 responsive theme

The clean and modern look of Serenity Drupal Theme allows you to use the theme for every kind of portfolios. Minimal and stylish design, nice colors and fonts will help to attract potential customers. This Drupal Business Theme is 100% responsive and looks great on every mobile or desktop device. 6 color variations are available. Also responsive gallery in 2, 3 and 4 columns is included. Responsive touch screen slideshow helps you to slide pictures easily by your fingertips on smartphone or tablet.

Serenity - Drupal 7 responsive theme

3. KingRing - Drupal 7 Business theme

KingRing is creative and modern boxing Drupal template. Theme is also highly suitable for sports clubs, gyms, fitness centers and personal trainers. It is responsive, easy to use and full of awesome effects. You can insert your video easily and connect Drupal website with social profiles. Also we include in package gallery and contact form module. Start building your sport website with KingRing Drupal theme.

KingRing - Drupal 7 Business theme

4. BizOne - Responsive Drupal Theme

BizOne is an awesome one page Drupal theme. One page theme is perfect for those, who looking for the template for portfolio website (photographers, artists, singers), for small business or just for personal site. Responsive design of your website will look equally beautiful on any devices of any size. BizOne Drupal template the perfect solution for your website!

BizOne - Responsive Drupal Theme

5. Mobidic - Drupal Multipurpose Theme

Mobidic is new creative Drupal theme on the base of Bootstrap, so it has fully responsive design (like all our Drupal themes) and adapts to all screen sizes. Your website will look great on every mobile, smartphone or tablet. In Quickstart package we include not only theme file, but also all needed Drupal modules - slideshow, gallery and others. This responsive Drupal theme suits for all creative and extraordinary people who wants to present themselves in the best way, also for small companies and businesses. Welcome to the demo version!

Drupal Multipurpose Theme

6. Rapture - Drupal Business Template

Rapture is new Drupal website template that suit perfectly for every small business, corporate website, agencies or personal website. This Drupal theme is based on Drupal Blank Theme (base theme with powerful theme settings) and Bootstrap 3.2. Rapture comes as responsive Drupal theme, so it looks great on all smartphones and tablets. Working contact form will help you to stay in touch with your clients. Rapture also supports the majority of browsers and works well on IE 8+, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Opera. Have a look on demo and rate the theme.

Rapture - Drupal Business Template

7. Photographer - Responsive Drupal Theme

OS Photographer is responsive modern one page Drupal 7 theme based on Twitter Bootstrap. Fully responsive layout makes it mobile friendly, also Photographer looks great on tablets and laptops. Perfect choice for all creative people, photographers, designers and other. If you are looking for creative and colorful portfolio to show your works don't miss Photographer Drupal portfolio theme, you definitely will like it.

Photographer - Responsive Drupal Theme

8. Infographics - Drupal Business Theme

OS Infographics is clean and elegant Drupal business theme with interactive elements. Animation jQuery effects will make your site alive and attractive. OS Infographics is great choice for all who want to show work in a creative way. OS Infographics is fully responsive and adapt to all screen sizes and resolutions, you don't have to scare about how your website looks on mobile phone or tablet.

Infographics - Drupal Business Theme

9. Flat Pixel - Drupal Flat Theme

Flat Pixel is fully responsive Drupal flat theme, adaptive for all screen sizes and resolutions. Modern, clean flat design is the latest trend in web designing. Three color skins are available: Orange, Blue and Green. Quickstart package allows to build full website like on the demo page in minutes. Slideshow with touch functions included. Great choice for portfolios and small businesses of any type.

Flat Pixel - Drupal Flat Theme

10. Delta - Free Drupal Business Theme

Delta is Drupal business theme designed by Ordasoft. This Drupal theme is fully responsive and fits to all screen sizes. Stylish awesome design and cool features like video background, modern custom contact form help to attract customers. Unlimited color variations allow to choose every color you want (Color Drupal Module). In Quickstart Package you will find Drupal Photo Gallery (in Pro version of theme) and dummy data for newcomers. OS Delta Drupal business theme is perfect for any kind of portfolio and personal website, corporate and company site or other small business website.

Delta - Free Drupal Business Theme

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