19.Using the Media Manager in MediaLibrary 1.5.x Shop

In the previous articles we already saw how we can fetch Media information form Amazon inside the [Media Manager]. In this article we will take a closer look at the MediaLibrary 1.5.x Shop Media Manager and see how an administrator can use that interface to Publish Unpublish, Lend or Return Medias.

The Media Manager

MediaLibrary - Media manager

In the Admin backend, go to [Components] - [MediaLibrary] - [Media]

From the Media Manager you can select one or multiple Media (checkmarks in front of the titles) and then apply actions to them with the icons in the top bar.


Publish selected Media


Unpublish selected Media

[Refetch Information]

Fetch information from a different Amazon server for the selected Media.

This will allow you for example to get different language information or pricing with the different currencies by selecting a different Amazon server.

The action will of course only apply to selected Media.

[Lend Media]

You can lend out the selected Media to a particular user from here:

MediaLibrary - lend media

Lent to:

Just select the user from the dropdown box


Fill in username


Fill in user email

Lent until:

Select the return date by clicking on the button (will show a calendar pop-up)

When you have filled in the details, click the [Lend Media] button in the top bar.

Once you have lent Media out, they will show up inside the [Media Manager] with a [Lent until:] date, as in the following screen:

MediaLibrary - Lent until

[Return Media]

You can check in the selected Media as being returned from here


 MediaaLibrary - return media

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