20.Export product from MediaLibrary to Virtuemart.

In this article we will look at the option to add product in Medias Manager in MediaLibrary 1.5.x Shop.

Export product from MediaLibrary to Virtuemart.

In the Admin backend, go to [Components] - [MediaLibrary] - [Medias]

In the [Medias Manager] select one or multiple Medias (checkmarks in front of the titles) which you want to export to Vertuemart . Then click the [Add Product] button on the top right. This will export products form MediaLibrary to Virtuemart.

 MediaLibrary create product from media

After you press “Add Product” you will move from MediaLibrary to VirtueMart. There are you will can edit product.

Category where will created product – you was set in MediaLibrary Backend setting.

Also there are you see left item menu “MediaLibrary” - for quick return to MediaLibrary

 MedialLibrary - product edit

After in Local Shop product was created you will see in column “ID for VM” - ID for that product. If you click to that ID – you will go to that Product properties for edit

 Medialibrary - after product add

For remove product from Local shop (VirtueMart) you may also check product you wan delete and press button “Delete Products”

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