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NameReal Estate Manager 2.1 Basic

Real Estate Manager 2.1 Basic  for Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7

In this page you download NEW version of Real Estate Manager which compatible with all Joomla versions (1.5; 1.6; 1.7; 2.5)

Download free Real estate software for Joomla


This is the free Basic version of Real Estate software, with limited functionality compared to the commercial Pro version. Those are available from the OS Shop

You can see the difference between the Basic and Pro version in the article: Real Estate Manager component Basic and Pro Feature Comparison.


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OrdaSoft team

Real Estate Manager Basic 2.1 - you can create your own real estate and property catalog on Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7 site for personal purposes and  for real estate, property management.

Real Estate Manager is popular among professionals in real estate and property industry. With Real Estate Manager you can make Real Estate catalog on your own Joomla based site for real estate and property management: sale property / real estate; buy property / real estate; search property / real estate; rent property / real estate.

Real Estate Manager software incorporates Lend-Return management, buying request options and user contributed Houses Review options, it is excellent for Houses or flats shop management and creation house booking system. It can be used to set up and manage shops, rent apartment, real estate property management, houses rentals, houses sites, brand sites, etc.

Real Estate manager Component Basic 2.1 included:

  • Real Estate Location module 2.1
  • Real Estate Top 10 module 2.1
  • Real Estate Search module 2.1
  • Real Estate New module 2.1
  • Real Estate Top module 2.1

Real Estate Manager PRO 2.1 Component Summary:

  • Frontend CAPTCHA for Guest Users for adding review and suggestion.
  • Typed Review and Suggestion data remains on screen even when wrong CAPTCHA entered (user can try again).
  • In frontend hide direct link to eDocument download (shows internal Joomla URL).
  • Option License Agreement option for eDocument download.
  • Frontend button [Suggest House].
  • AJAX show/hide form for [Suggest House].
  • Frontend button for [Add Review].
  • AJAX show/hide form for [Add Review].
  • Frontend button for [Buying Request].
  • AJAX show/hide form for [Buying Request].
  • Subcategories now show in main category view frontend (categories tree).
  • [Print Report] option (with fields choice) in [Real Estate Manager].
  • Backend [Manage Reviews] with sorting by columns.
  • Backend [Manage Suggestions].
  • Backend [Manage Rent Request].
  • Backend [Manage Sale Request].
  • CSV Import/Export.
  • XML Import/Export.
  • MySQL full tables Import/Export.
  • Help Description in "Import/Export Houses".
  • Rights assignments for important user operations
  • Checks for requirement extensions in the PHP installation.
  • Multi language support Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Persian(Farsi), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish included
  • Ability to assign different folder icons to Categories and Subcategories.
  • Allow external plugins in House Description pages
  • Sample data at installation time for new users
  • Email notification option for admin when new House Suggestion, user House Review or User Rent(Sale) Request
  • Option to choose auto-increment HouseId
  • Option to show/hide subcategories in main category view.
  • Extended search
  • Possibility search available for rent houses or flats
  • Support many rent for one item
  • Show rent history
  • Support possibility add new Real Estate items from frontend - for site users
  • Support hide/show some tabs with user Right manager
  • Don't show empty fields

Demo Real Estate Manager component

Real Estate Manager luxury houses| Real Estate Manager component| Real Estate Manager Houses and Villas

- more Real Estate Manager Demo...

Real Estate Manager FREE support forum

Ask your questions about Real Estate Manager you can in Real Estate Manager Support forum

Download free extensions for Real Estate Manager, Basic 2.1:

Real Estate Manager component, Basic 2.1

Real Estate Top 10 module, Basic 2.1
Real Estate Top listing module, Basic 2.1
Real Estate Manager Search module, Basic 2.1
Real Estate New property module Basic 2.1
Real Estate Location module Basic 2.1

Real Estate Manager Search Plugin 2.1
Real Estate link - in - Content Plugin 2.1
Xmap plugin for Real Estate Manager 2.1
sh404SEF plugin for Real Estate Manager 2.1

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Date: 10 October 2011
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