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NameAdvetisment board Top listing module

Advertisement Board Free Top listing module 2.1 Free

Free module for simply Ads web site creation.

The module displays Top (you define) advertisements, allows you to set if covers are displayed, sort by hits, date or rating. Displays Links in SEF Urls if you are using an SEF Component / Plugin. Module for Advertisement Board component.

  • How Many Top - Set if this top 10 or top 5 or even top 1 module.
  • Sort By - Display the type of sorting top rating Hits / Date / Rating.
  • Show Advertisements - set 'All' if you want to show all top of advertisements, or set 'Only Published' if you want to show top of Only published advertisements.
  • Ads Images - Show / Hide Advertisements images.
  • Images Height - The height of ads image, width is auto calculated to keep aspect ratio.
  • Extra Info - Show / Hide extra info (Hits, ect...).
  • Ranking - Show / Hide ranking.

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