Joomla Social Comments and Sharing

last update: 11 Feb 2013

Joomla 2.5 - 3.3

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Social sharing and comments

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing is a module that allows users on your site post comments through Facebook comments box and share pages, get recommendations and grow visitors on most popular social networking sites, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and also LinkedIn. 

Comments and Sharing module is a powerful Marketing and SEO tool. You need visitors from social media networking sites - Comments and Sharing module is your tool.

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing module includes:

- Facebook Like button;

- Facebook Share button;

- Facebook Comment box;

- Twitter button;

- Google+ recommend button;

- LinkedIn button. 

Multiple settings - for every Social Networking Site you can set own options and settings and also each of them you can enabled or disabled. For more details view tab features, you can find all features of Joomla Social Comments and Sharing module.

Post comments and share Joomla pages through most popular social networking sites

Comments & Sharing

Select your Comments and Sharing Joomla module

  • Facebook Like button
  • Facebook Share button
  • Facebook Comment box
  • Twitter button
  • Google+ recommend button
  • LinkedIn button
Basic Features+
  • Without copyright links
  • Free Support
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