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last update: 23 Feb 2015

Joomla 2.5 - 3.x

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Simple Membership, Joomla membership extension

Sell Joomla paid membership via PayPal

Sell Joomla paid memberships (via PayPal)

This Joomla subscription component enables to create, manage and sell (via PayPal) subscriptions, allows selected users to see premium content. Content will be displayed to users after purchase a subscription.

Set expiration time of memberships

In Simple Membership you can easily set expiration time of memberships - 5, 10, 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 days. After the expiry of the subscription, the user will be automatically excluded from the membership list.

Expiration time of memberships

Simple Membership Email notifications

Get Email Notifications

Simple Membership extension supports user and admin email notifications. Users and admin get messages about account creation, approving or disapproving. You are able to set the message text and it will be sent automatically.

Multigroup subscribtion

In OS Simple Membership admin can create unlimited number of membership listings. One user can subscribe to several groups (membership listings).

Simple Membership - Multigroup subscribe

Subscription plans (Joomla pricing tables)

Subscription plans (Joomla pricing tables)

Joomla membership includes 10 different layouts for showing pricing and packages of your services or creating amazing subscription plan for your users. HTML pricing tables come with a lot of parameters to change font, colour, links, etc. Download for FREE 3 columns Pricing Table or get 10 awesome Subscription plans (Joomla pricing tables) in Pro Simple Membership package.




Allow to create membership groups alt alt
Connect with Joomla default groups alt alt
Allow to add/delete/edit/ and rename users alt alt
Possibility approve/disapprove users alt alt
Synchronize joomla users and Simple Membership users alt alt
Allow to set expiration time for groups alt alt
Integrated with PayPal alt alt

Simple Membership Package includes Login module, Last online users module, User profile module, Authentication plugin and Get my books plugin.
Install it as Joomla extension via Extension Manager at once.

PayPal plugin for Simple Membership

PayPal plugin for Simple Membership (Pro)

Paypal plugin enables to implement function of selling subscriptions and memberships in Simple Membership component. PayPal plugin is available only in PRO version of Simple Membership.

Module last online users for Simple Membership

Module last online users for Simple Membership (Free)

Module last online users enables to show last online users on your website.
You can specify number of user, which will be shown, orientation (horizontal or vertical), also you can hide or show profile's images and specify Width and Height of them.

Module login for Simple Membership

Module login for Simple Membership (Free)

This Joomla module enables to create login form for users. Module login for Simple Membership It has following features: you can specify module class suffix, write pre-text and post-text, specify login and logout redirect pages, show greeting or not, choose name of username of user and specify account maintenance link.

Module user profile for Simple Membership

Module user profile for Simple Membership (Free)

Module user profile helps to show user profile in Real Estate Manager, Vehicle Manager, Book Library and Media Library. You can show fields in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Authentication plugin for Simple Membership

Authentication plugin for Simple Membership (Free)

Authentication plugin helps to connect default Joomla authentication and authentication of Simple Membership.

Get my books plugin for Simple Membership

Get my books plugin for Simple Membership (Free)

Get my books plugin helps to show the books (Book Library component) that belongs to certain author. Also such plugin is available for houses (Real Estate Manager), medias (Media Library) and vehicles (Vehicle Manager).

v3.3.0 PRO, 23 February, 2015

Added a link for Subscribe Groups

Added 10 layouts for Subscription Groups

Added recurrent payments

Added order details with payment notifications

Changed users profile style

Fixed some bugs from the previous versions

v3.2.0 PRO, 4 February, 2015

Replaced synchronize algorithm

v3.1.0 PRO, 7 Jule, 2014

Move to Joomla 3.3.X

Added Support PayPal

Added orders

Added profile, profile information

Added suporting tabs plugin (Vehicle Manager, Medias Manager, Realestate Manager) in user profile

OS Simple Membership

Select your Joomla Membership extension

  • Allow to create/edit/manage membership listings
  • Connect with Joomla default groups
  • Synchronize Users
  • Manage/edit users
  • Possibility approve/disapprove users
  • Email Notifications
  • 1 Awesome Pricing Table
Basic Features
  • Set expiration time for groups
  • Integrated with PayPal
  • PRO modules & plugins
  • 10 Amazing Pricing Tables
Developer Membership
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