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Book Library Basic 3.0
Details for Book Library Basic 3.0
NameBook Library Basic 3.0

Book Library Basic 3.0, Free Software for Joomla 1.5 - Joomla 3.3

Last Update: May 2014

In this page you download NEW version of Book Library  which compatible with all Joomla versions (1.5; 1.6; 1.7; 3.3)

Book Library Basic 3.0 is free software for download and available in Joomla 1.5


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OrdaSoft team

Book Library 3.0 is free for download software component for Joomla CMS allows you to manage and maintain a book library, ebook catalog or book collection (you can make public/libraries and post pdf books, ebooks) with ease on a Joomla based website. Book Library is an easy to use but powerful book collection manager for your own book collection, book catalog.
Book details (title, authors, covers, release information) can be pulled in easily from Amazon using the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Because free Book Library software incorporates Lend-Return management and user contributed.

Book Review options, it is excellent for books libraries software management. It can be used to set up and manage community libraries, libraries for organisations, school and university libraries, private books collections management, etc.
Since Book Library software supports book sales directly through Amazon (with sales commission) as well as ebooks and ebook downloads, websites can use the component to promote and sell their own or other people's publications.

Book Library is perfect for book collection and book catalog manager on your website

Manage your book collection and book catalog right now with Book Library. Download free book library software for Joomla based websites

This is the free Basic version of Book Library software, with limited functionality compared to the commercial Pro version. Those are available from the OS Shop

You can see the difference between the Basic and Pro version in the article: book Library software Basic and Pro Feature Comparison.

Book library supported with the biggest libraries in the world, such as:

  • Library of Congress, Washington DC,USA. Founded in 1800, Library stocks over 29 million books
  • British Library. London, England. Founded in 1753, this library stocks over 16 million books.

In Book library 3.0 free download software was added and/changed :

  • Tree structure of categories in backend add book.
  • Tree structure of categories in search frontend.
  • Now price consist of two values: price and price units.

  • Search module possible search by price.
  • Number of pages.
  • Database Structure.
  • Full import/export with help XML.
  • Simi automatic update mode.
  • Rebuilt fetch info from Amazon. Now we do that with help Curl.

This is the Basic version of Book Library software, with limited functionality compared to the commercial Pro and Pro Shop versions. Those are available from the OS Shop.

Summary in Book Library

  • Hides book affiliate links (shows internal Joomla URL)
  • Hides book affiliate links from download managers
  • Hides direct link to eBook download (shows internal Joomla URL)
  • Hides eBook download from download managers
  • Optional button [Suggest Book] with AJAX show-hide form (allows users to suggest books)
  • CAPTCHA for Guest [Book Reviews] & [Book Suggestions]
  • Typed [Book Reviews] kept on screen even when wrong CAPTCHA is entered
  • Code to allow use of external mambots in book descriptions
  • Pulls in Editorial Reviews (book descriptions)(works only from
  • [Print Report] option with fields choice in [Book Manager]
  • [Review Manager] for user submitted book reviews in the backend (all user book reviews on 1 page)
  • Email notification to admin when [User Review] added
  • [Suggestion Manager] for user suggested books (all user suggested books on 1 page)
  • Rights setting who is allowed to suggest books
  • Email notification to admin when [Book Suggestion] added
  • Email notification to admin when [Lend Request] is submitted
  • Optionel [Suggest a Book] button with rights settings
  • Show-hide [Buy Now] button with Category selection
  • Rights settings for showing [Book Price]
  • Option [Show eBook Download License] (allows license display before download)
  • Option [Set Review Notification] email address (multiple email addresses possible)
  • Option [Set Suggestion Notification] email address (multiple email addresses possible)
  • Option [Set Hend Request Notification] email address (multiple email addresses possible)
  • Option [BookID Auto-Increment] or [BookID Manual Entry]
  • English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish language files included
  • Button in [Book Edit] screen for setting local book cover path automatically

Watch Demo  Book Library Basic 3.0

Book Library Basic 3.0 is free software for download and released under the GPL licence

Attention! Update algorithm will changed from before versions. Please check there

Download free software for Book Library Basic 3.0:

Book Library modules:

Book Library plugins

OrdaSoft - Andrey Kvasnevskiy.

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