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Component Media Library Free

Media Library Basic Free component for Joomla 3.x

Media Library Basic is free component for download and available in Joomla 3.x


This is the free Basic version of Media Library version component software, with limited functionality compared to the commercial Pro version. Those are available from the OS Shop

You can see the difference between the Basic and Pro version in the article: Media Library component Basic and Pro Feature Comparison.


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Media Library it's media component for Joomla 3.x Media Library allow you create online stores for selling Music, Movies, Books, Games, CDs,Records & Music DVDs, Online Music CD, Hybrid CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray.

Site created by Media Library component allows you to save time and money. Using a Media Library you receive full online store to sell CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, books and much more. Installing Media library you can immediately start selling and making money!

Comfortable functionality makes it easy to add media to sell, lease or exchange. Media can be added to the backend and frontend with. Media Library has ample opportunity to describe the product and increase the informativity of it. The Media Library software can also be used to easily set up a media selling shop using Amazon. With an Amazon Associates ID you can earn credits with media sales through Amazon, while Amazon takes care of the handling and shipping.

Free version with limited functionality will allow you to evaluate the benefits of using the media library for your business. The full version of Media Library last version possible buy here. It is much more useful functions and features that will make your site more popular and profitable.

Media Library Basic for Joomla 3.x, Summary:

  • PHP5
  • Uses new Amazon API (Amazon Associate Web Services)
  • Uses CURL for increased security (remote files)
  • Full Category & Subcategory support
  • User Lend Request function with calendar
  • Simi automatic update mode
  • Gallery view, for show media
  • Integrated [Search Books] function
  • Bugfix: empty Category with filled Subcategory now shows up
  • Checks CURL, XSL, GD present in PHP
  • Fully language aware frontend and backend
  • English included, other languages can be downloaded from the website
  • Frontend possibility sort media by price / title.
  • Category & Subcategory show in Joomla pathway
  • Full language name in media description (English instead of ENG)
  • Main Category list now shows Subcategories
  • Optional button [Buy Now]
  • Button [Add Review] with AJAX show-hide form
  • Possible search by price
  • Number of pages
  • Dropdowns default to "All Media" and "All Categories"
  • Subcategories show clearer in dropdown boxes
  • Sorting in [Media Manager]
  • Added checks for empty MediaID to [Media Manager]
  • Possibility to customize eMedia download URL
  • Administrator can add a direct link to eMedia
  • Pull in book details with ISBN-10 from Amazon
  • Pull in book details with ISBN-13 (ca, com, uk), media details with ASIN
  • Fetch info from Amazon. With help Curl
  • Possibility to assign different custom images to each Category (instead of having one standard icon for all)
  • Sorting improvements in [Category Manager]
  • Media Review Management per single book
  • Lend Request Manager in backend
  • XML import/export with [Description] and [Review]
  • Full MySQL tables import/export
  • Added explanations in [Import] and [Export] tabs
  • Option for set how users can see all media: gallery or list.
  • Option [Show Reviews] with rights settings
  • Option [Show Lend Status] with rights settings
  • Option [Show Media Price]
  • Option [Show eMedia Download Link] with rights settings
  • Option [Set Media Cover Size]
  • Option [Set Items Per Page]
  • Option [Custom Category Images]
  • Option [Download Covers] with location setting
  • Option [eMedia Support] with location setting
  • Option [Set Amazon Affiliate Tag]
  • Option [Set Amazon Web Services Access Key]
  • Option [Check Duplicate ISBN/ASIN]
  • Option [Set Default Language] for new media
  • Added links to JoomlaWebServer website (for support, downloads, etc.)
  • Sample data at installation time (for starting users)

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