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last update: November 2023

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OrdaSoft Joomla Translate

OrdaSoft Joomla Translate is Search Engine Friendly Joomla Translate (SEF Translate) component and module for automatic translation of joomla websites with the help of Google translate, Bing translate and Yandex translate API. Joomla Translate combines handiness of translation Joomla modules (set easily methods of translation (Instant, jQuery or Redirect), size and style of flags, layouts of module, etc) and power of translation Joomla component (it helps to choose Google translate or Bing translate or Yandex translate API, set needed cache options, translation algorithms, edit automatically translated pages, URLs and more). Our Joomla Translate is not only translates 98% of Joomla website content (including website content, iFrames, URLs and meta data), but also adds chosen languages in website's sitemap hence improve visibility and rank of translated content in search engines on other languages (SEO feature). And we call our Joomla Translate as SEF Translate - Search Engine Friendly Joomla Translate - because our Pro and Commerce version support Url Translation and in Commerce version - you may edit Website Pages Translation and edit every URL translation.

Complete automatically Joomla websites translation into 120+ languages

Bing/Microsoft Translator supports 50 languages that cover more than 95% of worldwide gross domestic product (GDP). Also, Microsoft Translator gives a free quota up to 2 Million characters per month. Google Translate supports 120+ Languages, but provides only paid automatic translation services.

automatically translation into 120+ languages with Joomla Translate

Joomla Translate Module

Joomla Translate module

Clear language bar in Joomla Translate Module

In Joomla Translate Module you can control a wide range of options, so you can be sure that it fits perfectly to your website's look and feel:

  • 3 styles of translation module: Dropdown, Flags, Flags & Dropdown
  • 2 types of flags are available: Flat & Shiny
  • 5 sizes of flags: 16px,24px, 32px, 48px, 64px

Google Translate & Bing Translate & Yandex Translate in Joomla Translate

Choose Translate API that fits the best for your needs - Google Translate API or Bing Translate API(Microsoft Translate API, Azura Translate API) or Yandex Translate API. Difference between them lies in the number of translated languages, translate methods and the price for the translation. Unlike Google Translate, Bing Translator provides free quota (up to 2,000,000 Characters/month), so you can test it before purchase. At the moment Bing/Microsoft/Azura Translate supports 90+ languages, in contrast to Google Translate that provides translations on 120+ languages. If you joomla website main language Russian or Slavic language group, for you will best use Yandex Translate API

Google Translate & Bing Translator & Yandex Translate in Joomla Translate

5 positions/layouts for Joomla Translate

layouts for Joomla Translate

In OrdaSoft Joomla Translate you are able to choose position for display Joomla Translate module using pre-defined layouts: Default, Top, Bottom, Left, Right

Joomla Translate gives the ability to edit automatically translated pages & URLs in admin area

Automatic translation is not always accurate enough. You can use Manager of translated pages & URLs in Joomla Translate to correct automatic translations that you don't like - manually.

ability to edit translated pages & URLs in Joomla Translate

SEO and SEF features in Joomla Translate

SEO and SEF features in Joomla Translate

SEO - Search Engine Optimization. In OrdaSoft Joomla translate - you may edit any text after translate. We translate HTML meta tags, alt attributes, placeholders and title. Your site will full support SEO

SEF - Search Engine Friendly. We translate your URLs, and after you may edit it and change to exactly what you need for SEF.

Sitemap is one of the most important ways of communication with search engines. Adding new languages to Sitemap improves visibility of translated pages by search engines and speed up their indexing (search engines get informed immediately about pages on other languages). Joomla Translate enables to add as many languages to website's Sitemap as you want. Furthermore you can create Sitemap in two formats HTML (for your clients) and XML (for SEO in Google, MSN, Yahoo, Yandex).

One more Joomla Translate feature is translation of URLs and Meta tags. For example, Meta description on other languages will be shown in the search snippet (displayed beneath a listing in the search results) of that language that could draw a much higher click-through rate of foreign searchers to your page.

Joomla Translate has 2 levels cache

Cache permit to you speed up your website

In Joomla Translate has 2 levels of cache:

  • 1. Cache for translated phrases. Every translated phrase - we save to cache. And at next time when we receive same phrase for translate - we get it from cache. So we not spend time for new translate
  • 2. Cache for translated page. Every page when 1 time translate - will save to cache, so next time we show this page from cache. So me not spent time for new page translate
2 levels cache in Joomla Translate

Joomla Translate save your money

Joomla Translate save your money

Buy pro or commerce version of Joomla Translate, You pay one time and use so long as you wish.

Joomla Translate cache permit to you not only speed up your website, but also save your money.

Once you translate some phrase, we save it in cache, so you no need translate it again and you save your translate quota. After you translated your site 1 time you will spend you translate quota only for new pages

What our clients are saying about Joomla SEF Translate?

"Super! Everything what you need. It saves hours of your work if you invest into a paid version which offers url edition and cache. If there are some problems, guys will always help you whether you got a paid version or a free one. Documentation on their website - very detailed and useful"


"The functionality is very good. It does exactly what it says it does. In the beginning i had a little difficulty to get it working. But the support was great and now it works fine. They were quick and comprehensive. Documentation is a little bit confusing because it has so many information. But i can't say was not complete, and it have everything we needed."


"I use the paid version of the extension and i'm totally happy! moreover the developers were very helpful in configuration! Following the instructions will be easy to correctly set up and use that! Great developers with 5 stars customer service! Detailed documentation!"


Main features of OrdaSoft Joomla Translate

General Features
Automatic translation into 120+ Languages
Bing/Microsoft Translator API (free quota available)
Google Translate API (only payment support)
Hides Google top frame after translation
Hides Google pop-up "Suggest Better Translation"
Frontend Features
Nice-looking Language Panel
5 Layouts for Joomla Translate module (Default, Top, Bottom, Right, Left)
3 styles of joomla translate module: Dropdown / Flags / Flags & Dropdown
2 types of flags are available: Flat / Shiny
5 sizes of flags: 16px / 24px / 32px / 48px / 64px
Backend Features
Instant Translation Methods
jQuery (Ajax) / Redirect Translation Methods
Support WCAG 2.0 section 508 (frontend)
3 Translation Algorithms (for faster page loading)
Ability to save pages to Database and Files
Ability to set "Untranslatable pages"
Ability to set "Cache time"
Ability to translate iFrames
Support of default Joomla multilingual function
Ability to edit automatically translated pages
Ability to edit automatically translated URLs
Ability to set page as manually translated
Ability to set page as Base
Languages Select list layout with flags
Phrases manager. Now for redirect method you may correct small piece of every translation
SEO & SEF Features
Ability to create SEF URLS (e.g. www.yoursite.com/en)
Ability to add new languages to Sitemap
Meta tags translation
Compatible with XMap, JooMap, JM Sitemap
Ability to create XML and HTML Sitemaps on different languages
Bugs fixing and general help
Assistance in Configuration (by request)

Change-list in Joomla Translate

v.6.1 Free, Pro, Commercial

  • 01. Added Joomla 4.x support
  • 02. Added PHP 8.1 support
  • 03. Added Yandex Translate API support
  • 04. Added og tags translate
  • 05. Errors fix

v.6.0 Free, Pro, Commercial

  • 01. Added Joomla 4.0 support
  • 02. Added PHP 7.4 support
  • 03. Errors fix

v.5.3 Free, Pro, Commercial

  • 01. Change search for original language url
  • 02. Change Database
  • 03. Speed optimization
  • 04. Errors fix

v.5.2 Free, Pro, Commercial

  • 01. Added language autodetect settings
  • 02. Added Phrases manager to commerce version
  • 03. Added New languages
  • 04. Corrected some flags
  • 05. Added "select languages list" layout with flags
  • 06. Errors fix

v.5.1 Free, Pro, Commercial

  • 01. Added txt list layout in module
  • 02. Added txt list layout with flag in module
  • 03. Errors fix

v.5.0 Free, Pro, Commercial

  • 01. Update Microsoft Translator Azure
  • 02. Update Site Map create algorithm
  • 03. Added support Virtuemart child products
  • 04. Added support of update to Pro and Commerce versions
  • 05. Change language file for possibility to manual set how languages look by default
  • 06. Added token to forms submit at Backend
  • 07. Move jQuery to self namespace
  • 08. Add backup and recover config file for save settings on update
  • 09. Errors fix

v.4.7 Free, Pro, Commercial

  • 01. Updated Microsoft Translator on Azure API
  • 02. Updated Site Map creation algorithm

v.4.6 Free, Pro, Commercial

  • 01. Optimization of translate algorithm, Now Translate better save your Quota
  • 02. Added translate for placeholders
  • 03. Changed work select language list in module

v.4.5 Free, Pro, Commercial

  • 01. Added Joomla 3.9 support
  • 02. Added support PHP 7.2
  • 03. Added Microsoft Translator on Azure 3.0 support

v.4.2 Commercial

  • 01. Added PHP 7 support
  • 02. Added Joomla 3.7 support
  • 03. Added Microsoft Translator on Azure support

v.4.1 Commercial

  • 01. Added Remember Language option

v.4.0 Commercial

  • 01. Added FaLang support
  • 02. Translate algorithms were modified

v.3.6 Commercial

  • 01. Added input area for urls (or urls parts) insert that will be translated with help of aJax, not with help of redirect, so these pages will not be saved to cache
  • 02. Some algorithms were modified
  • 03. Added display of Google error API

v.3.5.1 Commercial, Free

  • 01. Added Instant translation method (for instant translation with help of Google)

v.3.5 Commercial, 15 September 2015

  • 01. Added ability to edit automatically translated URLs
  • 02. Added option Translate iFrames Yes/No
  • 03. Added Support of Default Joomla Multilingual Feature.
  • 04. Added option Translate URLs Yes/No
  • 05. Added layouts for Language Flags: Default, Top, Bottom, Left, Right
  • 06. Added Ability to set Flag Size: 16px, 24px, 32px, 48px, 64px
  • 07. Added Ability to set Flag Style: Flat / Shiny
  • Read more about new features of Overview of Joomla Translate v.3.5 Commercial

Versions of Joomla Translate extension for automatically website translation

Select your Joomla Translate version and make your website multilingual with ease

  • Automatic Translations on 120+ languages
  • Google Translate & Bing Translator API
  • Styling Options for Language Flags
  • Instant translation method
Basic Features
  • SEO Options (Meta tags, Sitemap translation, add to URL lang suffix, submit multilang sitemap to google)
  • Works with Joomla Multilingual Plugin
  • Redirect without Google Frame
  • Cache Options for Quota Saving