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OrdaSoft Responsive Image Joomla Gallery

last update: January 2023

JOOMLA 3.9.x - Joomla 4.x

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Most Powerful Features of Joomla Gallery

joomla gallery new features New image hover effects

Choose a perfect hover effect. 12 different and creative effects for youre gallery

joomla gallery new features Navigation Arrows

Switch between images even more easily with the new navigation arrows. You don't need to close image settings and open it again, switch in just one click.

joomla gallery new featuresJoomla 4 Support

Joomla 4 is out and it means that Joomla Gallery is updating on Joomla 4!

joomla gallery new features Joomla Gallery Layouts

Choose among 6 beautiful layouts (Default, Album, All in one etc.) which will suit the best.

joomla gallery new featuresImage Thumbnail

For more comfortable working with the gallery, now you can see the image on the right side of setting list.

joomla gallery new featuresLoad speed optimization for backend and frontend

We have client with 1000+ images in one photo gallery and at one web page.

Gallery Shortcode

Now you may insert to other Joomla content not only Joomla gallery with all images. With the help of Joomla Gallery shortcode may insert 1 image, some images or images category.

Multi language

Now you may add image title or image description to joomla gallery using multilanguage

Images Ordering

Now you can order images in joomla gallery with Drag & Drop, By Title, By uploaded date, By file name

FancyBox 3

FancyBox 3 is a jQuery lightbox script for elegant displaying images, videos and other content. It supports TOUCH.

HTML/CSS Support

You can create your own style for image's presentation with the help of HTML & CSS in Joomla Photo Gallery and add video/audio files, buttons etc.

Share buttons

You have the opportunity to share your favorite images on social networks. We added the buttons: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK and Odnoklassniki.


OrdaSoft image Joomla gallery is fully responsive for different screen sizes. Your users may see the Image Joomla Gallery with any device they want.


Designate a text or image watermark and apply this watermark to your images in responsive Joomla photo gallery.

SEO Optimization

Add unique title, alias, image alt, description to your images. Component in photo joomla gallery accomplished with text looks rich and perfect.

Support Images Masks

Now you may add some masks to images in our joomla gallery. So your images will look like stars or hearts or...

Import setting

Now in joomla gallery component you don't need to set settings for every photo. You can just set all setting from another joomla gallery

100+ Settings

You can easily configure every option and make yourself a perfect gallery

Uploading images from folder and .zip

You can upload images by Drag & Drop as before, from the folder and using .zip file


We added the ability to upload videos in OrdaSoft Responsive Joomla Gallery. Since version 3.0 you can add YouTube video, Vimeo, Audio.

Drag & Drop

Professional OrdaSoft Responsive Photo Gallery for Joomla, allows to manage images in an easiest way, through Drag and Drop feature. Create image joomla gallery in a few minutes!

joomla gallery admin pannel

Intuitive and Easy Admin Area

Friendly admin panel allows you to create joomla gallery in a few minutes! You may add a number of images and categories in a single photo joomla gallery

Looks good on Every Mobile device

Ordasoft professional Joomla gallery is fully responsive - your images will look awesome no matter if they are on the desktop, mobile or tablet

joomla gallery responsive

Unparalleled Support Any time you need it

Our experts are always ready to respond any questions related to the problems with gallery and fix it quickly

Fully Joomla Gallery Optimization

You should know how important optimization is, so our Joomla Gallery is fully optimized! Traffic, speed and more. Also, Joomla Gallery works with free hostings

joomla gallery optimization
Joomla Gallery settings

Free Hosting Support

OS Joomla Gallery works excellent not only with professional hostings, but on a free hostings and share hostings too.

Awesome Hover Effects

Joomla Gallery has lots of fascinating hover effects, which allows you to create excellent site. Choose any effect from background changing to rotate images. Check it now!

joomla gallery hover Effects
Joomla Gallery translate

Multi Language Support

We care about comfort of all our customers, so our Joomla Gallery is multi language

Drag And Drop Option

Add images to your gallery in a second. Just select what you want to add and drop it to the droppable palce

joomla gallery drag and drop
Joomla Gallery vdeo support

Video Support (YouTube, Vimeo)

Not only images, but video, gif and audio ewsponsive Joomla gallery supports too. It makes your gallery super flexible

700 000+ Happy Clients

We are always working hard to make our Joomla gallery better and to gain trust of our customers

joomla gallery downloads

Joomla Gallery works with popular Joomla Extensions

And that is not all of them, choose extensions you need and start creating a perfect website with our Responsive Joomla Gallery

Even More Features in Joomla Gallery

Show Title and Description at image over
1 layout
6 layouts + sublayouts
Show Title and Description at image top
1 layout
6 layouts + sublayouts
Show Title and Description at image bottom
1 layout
6 layouts + sublayouts
Support jpeg, png, gif, webp - image file formats
Load speed optimization for backend and frontend, we have client with 1000+ images in one photo gallery and at one web page.
Images Drag & Drop upload
Support of FancyBox
Support Touch Slider in FancyBox
Upload photos from zip
Upload photos from folder
Responsive (Excellent view on mobile devices)
From HTML to Fancybox Support
Native Support of Youtube Video
Native Support of Vimeo Video
Social Share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, Linkedin)
Photo Download button
Excellent Images Gallery Layouts
1 layout
6 layouts + sublayouts
Excellent Images Hover Effects
2 hover effects
12 hover effects
5 Images mask
27 Images mask
Display images effects
1 Display Images effects
20 Display Images effects
Unlimited images or photos
Unlimited categories of images
Unlimited joomla galleries of images
"Load More" Button, LazyLoad - unlimited images, but light site
"Load More by Scroll", LazyLoad - unlimited images, but light site
"Load More auto", LazyLoad - unlimited images, but light site
Copyright links
Multilangauge Support
Gallery Shortcode support
Image Shortcode support
Images Category support
Free Support
Import settings from another OrdaSoft Joomla gallery
Images Ordering by Drag & Drop
Images Ordering by image upload date
Images Ordering by file title
Images Ordering by photo title
More... (Check Demo)