How to install
Drupal Quickstart Package?

In All Drupal themes packages created by OrdaSoft you can find Quickstart Package. Quickstart Package allow you to install Drupal theme with demo data in few clicks. We highly recommend this method of Drupal installation

1. Uploading on server

Through FileZilla or another FTP software, upload all files from QuickStart Package folder to your website directory.

2. Run the Drupal 7 Installation Wizard

Open your web browser and go to the folder that you uploaded your QuickStart Package.

3. Choose profile

On the configuration page, you'll need to select profile installation your theme.

4. Select language

If you want to select a different language, you can select it here to see prices for versions of Drupal 7.2. After that, copy the language file in a directory

name your site/profiles/name your profile/translations/

5. Notice

If you experience such a message, you need to make copy of the file default.settings.php, and rename it to settings.php. The file is located in the directory

name your site/sites/default/

6. Database

Configure Drupal 7 with the your database. First you need create database in control panel phpMyAdmin in your hosting. Next you need to fill in all the fields according to created database.

7. Configure site

Configure Drupal 7 for your site. Enter the site name, site, e-mail address, user name, e-mail address and password, select your country and time zone, click Save and Continue for final the installation.

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