How to create galleries in OS Responsive Image Gallery?

After the installation process of OS Responsive Image Gallery, it's time to create your first gallery in OS Responsive Image Gallery.

  1. Go to Components -> OS Gallery
  2. Click on button New
  3. OS Responsive Image Gallery component
  4. To add images to your first gallery, simply drag and drop images into special area
  5. OS Responsive Image Gallery - installation
  6. By clicking on New category button, you get new category of images created. The title of category can be edited with help of button Edit.
  7. For every image it's possible to set following information: title, alias, short description, alt, link and window target
  8. OS Responsive Image Gallery - image options
  9. For category of images, can be set options: alias, show title Yes/No, Title in caption Yes/No, unpublish Yes/No
  10. OS Responsive Image Gallery - category options

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