Details for Plugin Real Estate Manager sh404SEF

Plugin Real Estate Manager sh404SEF

sh404SEF plugin for Real Estate Manager generates SEF (search engine friendly) URLs, which are readable for users and useful for SEO.

Starting from Real Estate Manager v.3.8, sh404SEF plugin is included in Pro REM component.

Installation: ------------- In the folder /components/com_realestatemanager create a subfolder sef_ext, like this /components/com_realestatemanager/sef_ext Now using FTP or similar, drop the file com_realestatemanager.php (from plugin) into that sef_ext directory. In the sh404SEF control panel, go to the [By Component] tab and set RealEstateManager to [Do not override] Now you have very nice SEF URL's for RealEstateManager in the frontend.

To read full description of Real Estate Manager extensions please visit Real Estate Manager page

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