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NameComponent Advertisment Board Free

Advertisement Board is free Joomla classifieds component for easy creation ads, ads categories and managing them. With help of this Joomla ads extension it's super easy to create classified ads on Joomla based website. Whether you want to add real estate classifieds or fashion, electronics or job classifieds, Advertisement Board is great choice for Joomla classified ads.

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To read full description of Advertisement Board extensions please visit Advertisement Board page

Now we included component to Advertisement Board package.
To package also included:

- mod_advertisementboard_new_ads_free, New Ads Module for Advertisement Board, Joomla classifieds software displays the latest advertisements from Advertisement Board.

- mod_advertisementboard_random_free, Random Ads Module for Advertisement Board, Joomla classifieds software displays the random advertisements from Advertisement Board.

- mod_advertisementboard_top10_free
- mod_advertisementboard_top_listing_free - module for show top ads from advertisement board
- plug_advertisement_link - Plugin for insert links to ads, in Joomla article

Example usage:
[advertisementboard id=2]
(Replace the square brackets by curly brackets)
- plug_advertisement_search - Plugin for extend Joomla default search
- plugin_advertisement_board_xmap - Plugin for create site map
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