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big error in custom template I WILL NOT PAY FOR IT (0 viewing) 
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TOPIC: big error in custom template I WILL NOT PAY FOR IT
rececena (User)
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big error in custom template I WILL NOT PAY FOR IT 8 Years ago
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I paid you 50 dlls for changes in template design (Crimea), but I don't know what did you do with search module range, it's not working as the original.

I host the original in quebara.com
The one that you change is inmobiliariadei.com (I asked you to change colors and layout and that’s ok), but let’s take a look at the important thing:
I have the same ítems and same prices (I have not modified as the original values)
- 2500, 57090, 333380, 618800, 629649, 3300000.
In the original (before you change colors and distribution in quebara.com) these are the prices and ranges
0,66000, 132000, 198000…. 3102000, 3168000, 3234000 (this is a numeral sequency adding 66000 to get the next price) so you get 50 numbers to cover all ranges, except the last one (this is the only problem) 3234000 is the higgest search value must be 3300000, that is the highest house value range.
This is the solution: One more number... if you add 66000 again you will get 3300000... Forward to your systems developers.
it must be 51 numbers (cause you divide by 50)...
This is a formula: add=maxim-value (numbers-1)
if you want 50 numbers you'll need to add max-value/ 49, not 50. (cause you're presenting 0 as first value)... It's a mathemathical Issue.

But In custom template it's still wrong (in inmobiliariadei.com)
The current list is:
0, 62000, 124000,186000… 496000, 558000, 620000 (You are adding 62000 to get the next Price). If you see, those are only eleven numbers!!! What happened with the others.... 620000 is the higghest one!!!
618800, 629649, 3300000 prices are higher than that!!!
That's totally illogic.

You want to charge me for something that you did incorrectly!!
Please correct that, so the module shows the 51 values from 0 to highest value (if you show 50 the highest will not appear as I prooved U before)... So If the highest publised is 50Million the higges on the range has to be 50 million,

These are wrong in last number in sequence (include one more and it will correct)
ordasvit.com/realestatemanager16/ , quebara.com
This is totatly ilogic
Talk with your people---

I have paid you 90 dlls for templates, 70 dlls in propackage and 50 dlls in custom template.
I will not pay any more… This is not my error, is yours…

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2014/11/17 18:10
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