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RealEstateManager component support
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sokhanh21xn (Visitor)
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ROADMAP 1 Year ago Karma: 0  

I thing we need: ROADMAP for RealEstate Manager component

An application roadmap is a visualization of your application strategy.

An application roadmap brings clarity to users and helps stakeholders to understand where and when new tools or upgrades are required or will be available.

This is because we try to make a business from this app but we don't know when or will new features be available which is very bad for all community that use it.

What do you think, is this good idea?


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admin (Admin)
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Hello Adma,

We can't give to you Road Map for RealEstateManager component
This is trade secret, we don’t want others to steal our ideas.

I may say only:
- First priority - work with current clients and fix errors from they
- Next: We will check How RealEstateManager works with Joomla 4.0 alpha
- And.. We are opened for your proposes, Please suggest what you wish see at next versions and we will check this

OrdaSoft team
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