Advertisement Board Settings

Advertisement board Settings

Frontend Settings

From the backend of your Joomla site select Components -> Advertisement board -> Frontend Settings.

1. Show Button ADD and Show Button EDIT - you can choose display or not these buttons on the frontend of the site.

2. View type - choose view type of your ads: list or gallery.

3. Length Title and Length Description - enter the length for these fields of the ad article in symbols.

4. Page items - field allows you to choose the number of articles that will appear on the page.

5. In thumbnails photo size, Ads main image size and Max upload photo size - fields for setting max size for thumbnails, main image and uploading photo (height/width in px).

If you have Advertisement board PRO, you also can:

6. Send Add Ads Notification and Send Edit Ads Notification (YES/NO) - set to YES if you want to be notified through email when the user added or edited advertisement. Also your can choose groups of the users from which do you want to receive these notifications.

7. Show RSS in category and Show RSS in ALL category (YES/NO) - set to YES if you want to show RSS in single or all categories.

Backend Settings (for Advertisement Board PRO)

From the backend of your Joomla site select Components -> Advertisement board -> Backend Settings.

1. Add Ads email and Edit Ads Email - enter the email address where you'll receive notifications about adding and editing  ads.

2. Manage groups of users. In this table you can set number of files and images permitted to attach, size in bytes for one file and one image; choose if buttons Add Ad and Edit Ad will be shown on frontend and set Auto approve new ads. These changes can be set for each user group separately.