How change Favicon in Joomla website and Joomla template

What is Favicon?

Favicon - is a small file with an icon size 16x16, which is displayed next to the URL of your site in the browser address bar and will distinguish your Joomla website from others. In addition, it is often displayed next to the name of your site in the list of open tabs and bookmarks, which makes it easier for the user to quickly identify among other sites.

ordasoft favicon

How create Favicon?

Create an image of 16x16 size pixels. You can use any graphics editor, like Photoshop, Gimp, Paint or something else. Or you can use online tool, like


What format need for Favicon?

Although many modern web browsers support favicons saved as GIF files, PNG files or other popular file formats, all versions of web Browsers still prefferes favicons to be saved as ICO files (Microsoft icon format). Also in Joomla you need ICO files.

How convert to ICO format?

Convert to ico format using free online sites such as:

Upload Favicon to your Joomla website

The file you created in this way will have the extension .ico and 16x16 size pixels. Copy the file with help file manager or FileZilla - free FTP solution to the
{Your joomla site}/templates/{your template directory}/ and name favicon.ico

Enjoy your result !

Open your browser and favicon on your joomla website must be changed after refreshing, if not, just clear your caches and all will be fine. Browsers are designed to minimize data traffic, so they do not update your favicon every time you show a page. Just press Ctrl-F5.

How upload Favicon in OrdaSoft Joomla template?

If you want to upload/change Favicon on Ordasoft Joomla Templates you need go to the Extensions menu(1) on your Joomla website - click on the Templates menu(2) and in the templates tab click on the Styles(3) - as shown in the picture.

how change favicon in ordasoft joomla templates

When you press Styles find tab FAVICON and there you can upload your Favicon.

how upload favicon in ordasoft joomla templates

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