How to make money with Joomla

Joomla is an award-winning content management system with over 200,000 community users and contributors. And number of Joomla lovers grows every day. Working with Joomla is not only very exciting and pleased, but also can make you money. If surely you know the methods of Joomla monetising.

In this article I will try to describe three the most important ways of earning money on your Joomla business. They are:

  • developing Joomla extensions and templates
  • providing Joomla services
  • advertising with Joomla (affiliate program)

How to make money with Joomla

1) Developing Joomla extensions and templates

The most profitable way of making money with joomla is developing Joomla extensions and templates. The Joomla market is extremely large, this CMS is used all over the world. The number of potential customers is huge, so you can earn big money. If you feel your strength in web development and have creative ideas on how to improve Joomla do not hesitate to use your chance. But be aware of high competition in this area as there are a lot of companies creating Joomla extensions and templates.

2) Providing Joomla services

One more way to make money with Joomla is providing Joomla services. If you are developer who is familiar with a CMS system, you can offer your customers to install or upgrade Joomla website, configure or modify the third-party extensions to needs of a client, make customization of template and so on. Also you may be interested to earn money in providing hosting services, coaching and training services. In order to succeed in this kind of services, you have to be first-class specialist in Joomla area and be ready to compete with giants of this branch.

3) Joomla Affiliate program

There are several ways how to earn money without a single knowledge of code. Joomla affiliate program is the best opportunity to do this. Affiliate marketing is one of the best approaches to make money online. So let's look below to understand the key facts about affiliate program in Joomla.

Whereas the first two methods require a strong knowledge in programming, the third method doesn't need such skills and can suit everyone who are interested in making money with Joomla. So we will focus precisely on the third method of Joomla monetising - advertising with Joomla and participating in affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing has three core players:

  • retailer - person or company that provides affiliate program;
  • publisher - person who participates in affiliate program;
  • customer - person who buys products via affiliate program.

Stages of implementing a Joomla affiliate program:

  1. Retailer delivers a range of banners, textual links in affiliate program.
  2. Publisher registers in program and places banner or text links on their site for individual product, or link directly to the retailer home page.
  3. Visitors click from the publisher's website to retailer's website and purchase a product.
  4. Publisher receives a commission.

What do you need to have?

  • place to promote affiliate products (website, blog, social profiles, email addresses and so on)
  • online payment service (PayPal desirable)
  • aspiration to make money

To ease your start earm money, we have collected the best Joomla affiliate programs and have sorted them.

Ordasoft GO TO Ordasoft Affiliate Program Up to 55% $100
Joomlashaper GO TO Joomlashaper Affiliate Program 50% $50
Bonusthemes GO TO Bonusthemes Affiliate Program Up to 50% $250
Joomlashine GO TO Joomlashine Affiliate Program Up to 50% $100
Smartaddons GO TO Smartaddons Affiliate Program Up to 40% $100
Joomlart GO TO Joomlart Affiliate Program Up to 36% $80
Gavick GO TO Gavick Affiliate Program Up to 35% $200
Rockettheme GO TO Rockettheme Affiliate Program Up to 30% $50
Joomavatar GO TO Joomavatar Affiliate Program Up to 30% $50.00
Joomlashack GO TO Joomlashack Affiliate Program 25% $100
Hotjoomlatemplates GO TO Hotjoomlatemplates Affiliate Program 20% $20
Pixelparadise GO TO Pixelparadise Affiliate Program 20% $20
Joomlabamboo GO TO Joomlabamboo Affiliate Program 20% $45
Youjoomla GO TO Youjoomla Affiliate Program 20% $100
Shape5 GO TO Shape5 Affiliate Program 20% $100
Templatemonster GO TO Templatemonster Affiliate Program 20% $100
Joomladesigns GO TO Joomladesigns Affiliate Program 10% $50

If you know some other Joomla affiliate programs, do not hesitate to contact us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will add it in our list.
So now when you know how to make money with Joomla! you might be interested in article how to manage affiliate program on the example of Ordasoft affiliate program.