08. Submitting Media Reviews in MediaLibrary 3.5.x Shop

In this article we will see the interface users have for submitting Media reviews in MediaLibrary 3.5.x Shop.

In the website frontend (providing you have allowed it in the configuration), users can submit their own reviews about media in your MediaLibrary by clicking the [Add Review] button.

Media details page:

MediaLibrary - Media Details page
  • Title
    Enter the title of review about Media file. This field is required. You will not be able to publish your review without it.
  • Comment
    Text field for adding review about Media. This field is required too.
  • Rating
    The user's rating of the Media. Rating is required in order to save the review!
    CAPTCHA will show only for Guest users (if you specified for guest users to allow to enter reviews in Frontend/Backend Settings). When user enters a wrong CAPTCHA, review is preserved through the session cookie of the user, so user can try again without losing the typed review. Maximum 3 tries.
  • Save
    Saves the review. It will immediately show in the frontend.
  • Hide Review
    [Hide Review] button hides the Add Review form on the Media details page. When done, click [Save] to submit the review.
  • Review sorting:
    Currently the User Submitted Media Reviews are sorted by date of entry.

Completed Media Review

MediaLibrary - Media Details page